Parents/In-Laws Holiday Gift Guide 2021

November 5, 2021

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Who’s ready to shop for parents and in-laws?! Sometimes it can feel like your parents already have everything—meaning they don’t really need anything. Coming up with a meaningful, useful gift can be a real task. But we’re here to ease the burden with our parent/in-laws holiday gift guide for 2021!

Gifts Under $5

Parent/In-Laws Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $5
plant food spikes

1. Plant Food Spikes

Whether your loved one has a green thumb or black thumb, these plant food spikes will be a welcome addition to their houseplant watering routine! They feed plants continuously for 2 months, minimizing the upkeep and helping those fiddle leafs and succulents to look better than ever.

epsom soaking salts

2. Epsom Soaking Salts

An epsom salt bath is the best remedy for sore muscles—so if you have an in-law who’s a marathon runner, Iron Man, or deals with occasional aches and pains, these eucalyptus-scented soaking salts are the perfect little gift.

mini silicone spatulas

3. Mini Silicone Spatulas

These mini silicone spatulas are cute and so handy! They get into the nooks and crannies of your bakeware so well and are a great compliment to a standard size spatula. And most importantly—they’re long enough to effectively scrape the bottom of the peanut butter jar or condiment bottle! Every baking enthusiast should have a few.

jar/can opener

4. Jar/Can Opener

Sometimes a little elbow grease isn’t enough to open stubborn jars and cans—which is where this genius device comes in. It’s versatile enough to open any size can or jar and will be a welcome kitchen tool for any parent or in-law.

Gifts Under $10

Parent/In-Laws Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $10

5. PenBlades

You won’t believe how much these PenBlades come in handy. I love mine for craft projects, woodworking, breaking down boxes, and so much more.

shower steamers

6. Shower Steamers

These shower steamers give all the relaxation of a spa day or long, hot bath, but with the practicality of a quick shower. They smell incredible and make a typical shower even more inviting.

How to Speak Cat cards

7. How to Speak Cat Cards

Cat owners will get a big kick out of these educational cards that tell you all about your cat’s body language and behavior. It’s a fun and unique gift they’ll love using to better understand their pet!

How to Speak Dog cards

8. How to Speak Dog Cards

We can’t forget the dog owners! Parents and in-laws will have fun learning more about their dog’s sometimes-quirky behavior with these interesting cards.

Muse playing cards

9. Music Playing Cards

These music playing cards are so much fun for parents and in-laws who love to rock out!

Gifts Under $25

Parent/In-Laws Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $25
texting gloves

10. Texting Gloves

Cold weather brings that constant conundrum: Keep your hands warm? Or take off the gloves to use your phone? Thankfully, these cozy texting gloves resolve the problem. Your in-laws and parents will thank you! (Especially the tech-challenged ones!)

Geometry tea towels

11. Geometry Tea Towels

Use code HOMEANDKIND15 to get 15% off

Geometry tea towels are a winning gift for just about anyone on your list, including parents and in-laws! They’re made from recycled materials, making them especially great for eco-conscious family members.

Weekend getaway book

12. Weekend Getaway Book

These NY Times books will make a great addition to your parent’s coffee table. They’re fun to flip through and dream about future vacations or weekend getaways. Gift this to a travel-loving parent!

Audible subscription

13. Audible Subscription

An audible subscription is one of those affordable experience gifts that hits all the right notes: It’s customizable, can go anywhere, and never expires!

Reusable produce bags

14. Reusable Produce Bags

Another eco-friendly gift, these reusable produce bags have endless uses. Parents can use them for groceries, running errands, toting picnic snacks for the grandkids, and a number of other things!

Gifts Under $50

Parent/In-Laws Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $50
Tile Bluetooth tracker

15. Tile Bluetooth Tracker

Do you have a parent who’s always losing their phone, remote, or car keys? If so, the Tile Bluetooth tracker will be an absolute game-changer! It sticks to any device so they’ll always know where to find it.

Hot cocoa bombs

16. Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot cocoa bombs are a fun and tasty treat for kids and grown-ups alike. They’re the best way to warm up on a cold day and bring a bit of magic well after the holidays are over.

custom photo calendar

17. Custom Photo Calendar

I can’t think of a single parent who wouldn’t be delighted to receive a custom photo calendar for Christmas! It’s such a fun way to relieve fond memories throughout the year, and it’s relatively affordable and easy to put together, too.

hometown personalized puzzle

18. Hometown Personalized Puzzle

Looking for a sentimental gift idea that hasn’t been done before? This hometown personalized puzzle is a great option! Your whole family will love getting in on this puzzle and learning more about the place your parents call home.

Gifts Over $50

Parent/In-Laws Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Over $50
Pura plug-in

19. Pura Plug-in Air Freshener Gift Set

Code HOMEANDKIND gets you 15% off

These are not your average scent plug-ins! Pura makes clean, eco-friendly scents that smell amazing, are safe for adults, kids, and pets, and can even be set on a timer to maximize the life of your scent.

air fryer

20. Air Fryer

An air fryer is the best, healthiest way to get the crispy, delicious taste of a deep-fryer—without all the oil and fat. This little device is amazing for cooking french fries, chicken tenders, pizzas, and even brownies.

portable photo printer

21. Portable Photo Printer

Do your parents miss having an easy way to print out photos? If so, this portable photo printer is an ideal gift. It prints photos from social media in seconds and even comes with sticky backing for quick display on the wall or fridge.

Amazon Prime subscription

22. Amazon Prime Subscription

Who doesn’t love Prime? If your in-laws or parents haven’t experienced the beauty of Amazon Prime yet, this holiday season is the time to make it happen. Gift them a subscription and they’ll never want to be without it!

snack/cheese board

23. Snack/Cheese Board

This sliding cheese and snack board has it all! It would look so chic when set out for family parties and I love that it has the removable compartments for dips and sauces.

Even those parents who seem to have it all will appreciate the gift ideas on this list, right? Keep following along for more gift guide ideas later this week!

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