Neighbor/Co-Worker Holiday Gift Guide 2021

November 6, 2021

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Do you give gifts to your neighbors and/or co-workers for the holidays? I think it’s such a fun way to connect with others and share something to show you’re thinking of them during a busy season. My favorite gifts are both thoughtful and practical, which can be a hard line to walk when you’re on a budget. But our neighbor/co-worker holiday gift guide for 2021 fits the bill! Check out these tried and true ideas—all for under $25!

Gifts Under $5

Neighbor/Co-Worker Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $5

1. Batteries

Add a “gift not included” tag and be the hero of the neighborhood! (Everyone is sure to be searching around for batteries to power new toys on Christmas morning!)

Trader Joe's lemon hand soap

2. Trader Joe’s Lemon Hand Soap

Trader Joe’s makes the best hand soap, and this lemon scent is cream of the crop! It smells incredible and is made with essential oils that make your hands feel great for hours afterward.

mason jar treat

3. Mason Jar Treat

A Mason jar is a cute way to package any neighbor treat—and as a bonus, it can be reused, too. Fill yours with salsa, candied nuts, Chex mix, or a homemade cookie mix.

Maldon sea salt

4. Maldon Sea Salt

Maldon sea salt is the best finishing salt you’ll come by, hands down. It gets the stamp of approval from bonafide food snobs, and that’s good enough for me! Your neighbors will love topping desserts and savory dishes with this high-quality, flaky salt.

Gifts Under $10

Neighbor/Co-Worker Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $10
silicone spatula set

5. Silicone Spatula Set

If you ever find yourself fumbling around for the perfect spatula while cooking, you know how genius this set is. There’s a size and length for every occasion!

winter touch screen gloves

6. Winter Touch Screen Gloves

Your friends won’t have to sacrifice comfort or convenience this winter when you gift these touch screen gloves, which allow them to text or navigate their smartphone while keeping hands warm.

CSE Offbeat nut butter

7. CSE Offbeat Nut Butter

Use code HOMEANDKIND for 10% off

A good nut butter can enhance toast, pancakes, sliced apples, and tons of other snacks. These Clean Simple Eats nut butters come in amazing flavors that your co-workers will go crazy for.

Muji pens

8. Muji Pens

Once you try a Muji pen, you’ll never want to write with anything else! They’re so smooth and easy to write with, making them a perfect gift for co-workers.

Gifts Under $25

Neighbor/Co-Worker Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $25

9. TableTopics

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to take dinner conversation from an average work recap to a thoughtful discussion, and these TableTopics make it easy to do just that. They make a creative gift for co-workers, neighbors, family, or friends!

Infused oil + vinegar set

10. Infused Oil + Vinegar Set

This infused oil and vinegar set takes salads, grilled meats, and bread dipping platters to the next level. They have a complex flavor that adds that perfect something to any dish.

silicone spoon rests

11. Silicone Spoon Rests

Help your neighbors keep their kitchens a bit tidier with these modern silicone spoon rests. They’ll never have to worry about them breaking and they’re easy to clean, too.

battery organizer

12. Battery Organizer

There’s nothing better than the satisfaction you feel after a little organization project, which makes this battery organizer such a great gift. It’s practical and will help your friends and family be ready for anything.

air popcorn popper

13. Air Popcorn Popper

Your co-workers will never want to go back to microwave popcorn once they try this air popper! It’s so easy to use and pops corn without the need for oil. (Of course, you can add oil, melted butter, or salt afterward for extra flavor—or keep it low-calorie and eat it plain!) Kids will love getting involved with the popcorn popping on movie night!

stainless steel cleaner + polish

14. Stainless Steel Cleaner + Polish

Sometimes stainless steel can feel impossible to keep clean, but this polish will make fridges and appliances look as good as new. The lavender oil makes it smell amazing and calming, too.

Well, our neighbor/co-worker holiday gift guide wraps up our series for this 2021! We worked hard to come up with thoughtful and meaningful gifts that your friends and family will love. Visit the rest of our posts to find gift ideas for parents, teens, kids, men, and women!

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