Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2021

November 4, 2021

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Those perfect kids gifts are hard to find—gifts that are fun, high-quality, stand the test of time, and parent-approved. If you’re anything like me, you could spend hours scrolling Amazon or the Target aisles and come away with no better idea of what your kid will really appreciate.

Luckily, this year our kids holiday gift guide for 2021 will save you the time. We’ve rounded up those rare gifts that are beloved by both parents and kids!

Gifts Under $5

1. Dinosaur Eggs

These awesome STEM toys are the best stocking stuffer for kids of all ages. The eggs come with mini screw drivers so kids can assemble and re-assemble their dinosaur over and over.

metal slinky

2. Metal Slinky

We’re looking back to the classics for the original fidget toy. Whether your kids are tossing it down the stairs or playing with it on a long car ride, a durable metal Slinky will provide hours of fun for cents on the dollar.

push pop fidget toys

3. Push Pop Fidget Toys

Have your kids gotten hooked on fidget toys yet? If not, this push pop version is the perfect place to start. They can follow the rules of a simple game or play with it independently to keep busy during downtime.

Uno Junior

4. Uno Junior

Uno Junior is such a fun game for pre-school aged kids. The PAW Patrol theme is a guaranteed win with boys and girls alike. Use it as a stocking stuffer or give it as a small gift to family members.

Baby Shark coloring book

5. Baby Shark Coloring Book

If you have Baby Shark fans in your house, this coloring book is sure to be a hit! I love that it comes with individual coloring sheets and stickers to make the activity more fun.

Red Light, Green Light Card Game

6. Red Light, Green Light Card Game

Red Light, Green Light is such a fun family card game. It’s best for ages five and up and is easy to learn. One round takes about 20 minutes to play and it’s fast-paced action the whole time!

Connect 4 Card Game

7. Connect 4 Card Game

Do your kids love the original Connect 4? If so, it’s time to introduce them to the card game version. It’s portable and simple enough to play any time, anywhere.

fidget stress bubble toys

8. Fidget Stress Bubble Toys

Combine the enjoyment of a stress ball with a fidget toy and you have this fun bubble toy. It’s another great stocking stuffer that’s ideal for all ages.

Color-changing Nee-Doh

9. Color-Changing Nee-Doh

Your kids will have a blast tossing, squeezing, and squishing this color-changing Nee-Doh. It’s surprisingly durable and great for stress-relief or when you’re wanting a cheap boredom buster.

10. Bike Bell

Bike accessories are one of those “non-toy” gifts that feel well worth it and will get tons of use. This bike bell comes in a pretty minimalist design and is both fun and practical.

Gifts Under $10

Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $10
Paint by sticker

11. Paint by Sticker

This Paint by Sticker book allows kids can “paint” without the mess. The bright colors and glittery textures are captivating and the whole process is very calming—like a perfect cross between a puzzle and sticker art.

Watercolor set

12. Watercolor Set

Watercolor painting is one of the absolute best activities for little kids. It’s practically mess free, creative, and fun (even for mom!) This watercolor set is all your kids need to cover the fridge with fun art.

watercolor paintbrushes

13. Watercolor Paintbrushes

Pair the watercolor set with these watercolor paintbrushes, which store the water inside the brush. It’s genius, relaxing, and makes the whole process even simpler.

Cat's Cradle

14. Cat’s Cradle

It’s time to bring Cat’s Cradle to your kids’ playground scene! Gift this book to help them learn the basics (and to brush up on your own skills!) Now that’s some good ol’ fashioned fun.

Sleeping Queens card game

15. Sleeping Queens Card Game

Sleeping Queens is an engaging game for kids and adults alike. It’s easy to learn and has just enough strategy to make it interesting. Both girls and boys love it!

Montessori board books

16. Montessori Board Books

These Montessori board books are an awesome gift idea for toddlers and early preschoolers. They use the Montessori method to introduce letters, sounds, numbers, shapes, and more.

The Challenging Riddle Book for Kids

17. The Challenging Riddle Book for Kids

Stump your older kids with this challenging riddle book. It’s full of tricky riddles and puzzles that even adults will have a tough time cracking. Bring it out on a road trip or during family game night!

fairy garden accessories

18. Fairy Garden Accessories

It’s always magical to spot a fairy garden out on a walk or at the park, and this set allows you to build your own. The tiny houses, lady bugs, and critters are irresistible!

Gifts Under $25

Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $25
paper airplane book

19. Paper Airplane Book

If your son or daughter is into paper airplanes, this book is a creative gift idea. It comes with unique paper and airplane folds so they can test out a variety of styles.

giant foam airplanes

20. Giant Foam Airplanes

I guarantee that your whole family will have endless hours of fun with these giant foam airplanes! There are tons of ways to make them flip and soar in the air—watch out, dad may want to take over the show!

The Boy and the Sea Book

21. The Boy and the Sea Book

This is beautiful book with an inspiring message. It truly is a meditative experience to read the book and ponder on the messages of love, curiosity, and wonder.

personalized stationery

22. Personalized Stationery

Motivate your kids to write thank you notes, send a love note, or establish a pen pal with this adorable personalized stationery set!


23. Lite-Brite

The Lite-Brite is another classic toy that will provide entertainment and a creative outlet for a wide range of ages. There are tons of re-fill packs to extend the fun, and you really can’t beat the price!

science experiments book

24. Science Experiments Book

If your kids are anything like mine, they’re crazy for science experiments! This comprehensive book makes it easier to find and execute experiments without spending hours searching Pinterest or Google.

3D dinosaur light

25. 3D Dinosaur Light

This 3D dinosaur light works as both a night light and a cool light display that is sure to enchant your kids! Easily control the light via remote and watch the dinosaurs transform into 16 different dimmable colors.

Gifts Under $50

Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $50
Parent Child Loom journal

26. Parent Child Loom Journal

Use code HOMEANDKIND15 for 15% off

Loom creates beautiful journals, but this parent-child version is a real standout. I love that it fosters connection and facilitates meaningful conversation. Plus, it only takes about 30 minutes week. You’re sure to cherish this journal forever!

coding robot

27. Coding Robot

Coding is one of those high-demand skills for the future, so why not get your kids started young? This coding robot is a fun and creative way to learn basic concepts and more advanced coding alike.

KidiZoom Creator cam

28. KidiZoom Creator Cam

Looking for a safe alternative to handing your kid a smart phone? This KidiZoom Creator Cam is a fun option! It records in HD video, has a built-in microphone, and has cool special effects to keep your kids busy creating videos.

Gifts Over $50

Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Over $50
Gabb watch

29. Gabb Watch

Use code HOMEANDKIND for 30% off

The Gabb Watch combines the power of a cell phone, GPS device, and interactive watch into one safe, kid-friendly device. Parents can manage the phone to include “safe zones” and 10 pre-approved contacts, with no outside calls or texts. It’s such a great device for young ones!

gabb phone

30. Gabb Phone

Use code HOMEANDKIND for 30% off

Protect your kids with the Gabb Phone, a safe smart phone designed specifically for children. It limits screen time and internet access so you can keep tabs on your kids without worrying about the dangers of social media exposure or outside calls and texts.

wooden toy horse barn

31. Wooden Toy Horse Barn

This wooden toy horse barn is a beautiful, classic toy you’ll want to keep around for decades! It’s well-made by Melissa & Doug and is sure to entertain a wide range of horse-loving kids.

Cinemood projector

32. Cinemood Projector

Use code HOMEANDKIND for $50 off

We love our Cinemood projector and know your family will too! It’s compact, portable, and so easy to set up for a fun movie night, indoor or outdoor.

Hoverboard e-scooters

33. Hoverboard e-scooters

Use code HOVER10 for 10% off

E-scooters are the ultimate gift for your kids to find under the tree on Christmas morning! Whether riding around the neighborhood, at the park, or to school, they’re such a fun way to get around. Check out their hoverboards too.

34. MagTrax Magnetic Wall Marble Tracks

Use code HK10 for 10% off

MagTrax are the screen-free toy that keeps on giving! They’re sure to provide hours of entertainment for both kids and adults as you turn any wall into a giant marble run.

I love that these toys won’t be something that gets tossed aside within a few weeks, so you can feel good about spending your money on them. Plus, most of them offer fun for the whole family—and that’s a winning kid gift in my book!

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