Teens Holiday Gift Guide 2021

November 4, 2021

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Teenagers live in a world all their own, which can certainly make holiday shopping interesting! These non-quite-kids, not-quite-adults aren’t usually into toys, but probably aren’t into what you’re into, either. Thankfully, we’ve done our due diligence and come up with some sure-fire ideas in our teen holiday gift guide for 2021!

Gifts Under $5

Teens Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $5
cable bites

1. Cable Bites

If your teen is like most, they spend a lot of time in front of their phone, laptop, or tablet—so they’ll certainly have plenty of opportunities to put these cute cable bites to use. Just attach them to device cords to protect them from damage.

hand warmers

2. Hand Warmers

When you live in a chilly climate, hand warmers like this need no explanation. They’re a must-have for winter days and nights out on the town, whether your teen is grabbing a hot chocolate with friends or going sledding.

scalp massager

3. Scalp Massager

Is your teen spending an inordinate amount of time showering and getting ready every day? Then lean into the phase and gift them this scalp massager, which feels incredible and helps promote blood flow and a healthy scalp.

sweatband headband

4. Sweatband Headband

These classic sweatbands are a great stocking stuffer for athletes or gym lovers. They go with everything and work for both boys and girls!

Gifts Under $10

Teens Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $10

5. Yo-Yo

It’s time to bring back the yo-yo! Gift one to your teens and them show off your skills with Around the World and Walk the Dog. They’ll be totally into this retro toy.

mini lightbox

6. Mini Lightbox

A mini lightbox is a fun way to let your teen express themselves. They can display them in their room, use it for parties, or come up with other creative uses!

Pura Vida jewelry

7. Pura Vida Jewelry

Pura Vida has the cutest bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry. Plus, the company gives back to charities with every purchase. It’s a win-win your teen will love!

Gimme hair ties

8. Gimme Hair Ties

I will sing praises to these hair ties forever! They’re the perfect material that is secure without breaking off hair strands, so you never have to worry about it pulling too tight or falling out.

WetBrush Pro

9. WetBrush Pro

The WetBrush Pro takes everything you love about the original WetBrush to another level. It’s flexible and wide so it easily combs through tangles without causing any pain. Your teen won’t want to go without it!

travel face wipes

10. Travel Face Wipes

These individually-wrapped face wipes are perfect for teen sleepovers or overnighters. Your teen will love having a solid stash on hand for any occasion.

fidget toys phone case

11. Fidget Toys Phone Case

Fidget toys are fun for teens, too! This phone case is an age-appropriate version that will give your teenagers plenty of entertainment without needing to power on their screen.

Gifts Under $25

Teens Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $25
Guess in 10 Game

12. Guess In 10 Game

Teens can ask up to ten questions before they have to guess the name on the card, which can be surprisingly tricky—but always fun! The game makes another great stocking stuffer for older kids.

light-up frisbee

13. Light-Up Frisbee

This light-up flying disc makes a game of Frisbee that much more fun. It’s perfect for night games or family hang-outs in the backyard.

smiley face slippers

14. Smiley Face Slippers

These ’90s throw-back slippers are cute, cozy, and high-quality too. Teens are all about being comfortable, so they’re sure to get plenty of use out of these.

personalized note cards

15. Personalized Note Cards

Your teen is sure to feel sophisticated with their own set of personalized stationery. And hey, maybe you’ll be getting a sweet thank you note in return, too!

terrarium candle

16. Terrarium Candle

These cute terrarium candles give the look of succulents and flowers without the upkeep. Sounds like a teen-friendly stocking stuffer to me!

murder mystery jigsaw puzzle

17. Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Get in some precious family time with your teen as you complete this jigsaw puzzle with a fun twist—you’ll discover clues and solve a murder mystery as you put together the puzzle.

LED flashlight gloves

18. LED Flashlight Gloves

Any age group is sure to get a kick out of these LED flashlight gloves, which leave the wearer feeling like a super hero and frees up hands when camping, biking at night, or playing night games.

Walli cases

19. Walli Cases

Use code HOMEANDKIND for 15% off

Walli cases are a dream! They’re cute, come in a wide range of patterns, and have a loop that lays down flat so you can easily place the phone in a holder. Your teen will always be carrying theirs around!

Gifts Under $50

Teens Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Under $50
Promptly siblings journal

20. Promptly Siblings Journal

Use code HOMEANDKIND15 for 15% off

Looking for a fresh way to build sibling bonds? This Promptly journal is it! Your kids will have a great time filling in the prompts together and the whole family will have so much fun looking back on it over the years.

art markers

21. Art Markers

Older kids deserve an upgrade from Crayola, and these art markers fit the bill. They’re high quality and come in a range of beautiful shades, making them perfect for illustration or art class.

survival kit

22. Survival Kit

Help your teen be prepared for anything with this compact and comprehensive survival kit. It covers every gadget needed for any scenario, from fishing or hunting to camping and emergency situations.

Buddha board

23. Buddha Board

This Buddha Board is the ultimate de-stressing activity for teens! It’s a fun way to channel creativity and practice mindfulness/meditation in a way that isn’t intimidating.


24. Ukulele

Your musically-inclined teens will love fiddling around with this ukulele, which is affordable, portable, and easy to pick up in a short period of time.

COMFY wearable blanket

25. COMFY Wearable Blanket

Can’t you see your teenager living in this wearable blanket all winter? Afternoon naps and lazy Sundays just got a whole lot better!

Gifts Over $50

Teens Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Over $50
Spike ball

26. Spike Ball

Spike Ball is the best game for the beach, an afternoon at the park, or a game night with friends. The whole game can be set up in minutes and brings out a fun rivalry for any occasion.

Instax mini camera

27. Instax Mini Camera

Your teen is already obsessed with selfies, so why not make use of that camera roll by swapping the smart phone for an Instax mini camera? It’s so satisfying to hold the tangible photo in hand and discover unique ways to display them.

outdoor waterproof bluetooth speaker

28. Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

From pool days to soccer practice, teenagers will find countless uses for this mini, durable speaker. It’s waterproof and connects to Bluetooth, so it’s an easy way to bring the fun to any atmosphere.

laser tag set

29. Laser Tag Set

There are many laser tag options out there, but this is the ultimate set for a seriously fun game of laser tag at home or at the park. With over 7,000 positive ratings, you can be confident in the quality and accuracy of this set!

Fjallraven backpack

30. Fjallraven Backpack

The Fjallraven backpack is a minimalist-lovers dream: It’s sleek, streamlined, and the perfect size to fit all of the essentials (like a laptop or textbook.)

Whether you’re a mom of teens, aunt, grandparent, teacher, or anything in between, we hope something caught your eye in our teen holiday gift guide for 2021! Happy shopping and stay tuned for more gift ideas this week on Home & Kind!

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