My Weekly Hair Routine: Step-By-Step Guide

November 20, 2021

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my weekly hair routine

I’ve had a few questions lately about how I style my hair. And even though I’ve shared my hair routine before, I have made a few updates to the process—so I’m sharing it again!

After years of experimenting, I’ve finally nailed down a hair routine that (thankfully) can last me about a week before it needs a refresh. So I really get a lot of mileage out of these steps!

Obviously, I have to add the caveat that different types of hair will yield different results. But here is what works for me!

My Hair Routine Products

Here’s everything I use in my weekly hair routine to keep my hair in good shape all week long. I might add some dry shampoo and throw my hair up toward the end of the week, but otherwise it’s a pretty long-lasting routine!

Steps to My Weekly Hair Routine

1. First I wash my hair—twice with shampoo and once with conditioner. (I like to make sure it’s nice and clean since I won’t be washing it again for awhile! I’ve been loving the Function of Beauty Shampoo + Conditioner, which is customized to the needs of my hair and really seems to make a difference! Using a silicone scalp massage brush creates a great lather and makes me feel like I’m getting my hair washed in a salon. Then I wrap it up in a super absorbent, lightweight microfiber towel to speed up the drying process.

Wash my hair and wrap in a microfiber towel

2. I remove the towel once I’m done getting dressed and rub some leave-in conditioner into the ends. Then I brush my hair with a Wet Brush, parting it on the opposite side (to add volume.)

Comb with a Wet Brush

3. At this point I let my hair air dry for 2-3 hours, keeping it parted on the wrong side. Then I spray my hair with primer/heat protectant to get ready for the blow drying process.

Apply primer/heat protectant

4. Next I use my very favorite Revlon air dryer brush to smooth and finish drying my hair. I section off my hair into a top and bottom section and start at the bottom.

Dry with my Revlon Air Brush

5. When the bottom section is dry, I tuck it into my shirt to keep it separated from the wet hair. Then I pull down the top half of my hair and repeat the drying process.

6. Now it’s time to style my hair! At this point, I divide the dried hair into thirds using my Gimme hair ties. Then I brush through my hair and use my 1-inch straightener to straighten about 2-3 inches at the ends.

7. Next I use my 1-inch curling wand to curl my hair. I grab a 2-3 inch section of hair and wrap it around the want, curling AWAY from my face. (The direction is key!) I repeat the process on the other side of my hair.

My weekly hair routine: curl with a 1-inch barrel

8. When I’m done curling the bottom sections, I use texture spray to add some grit and make the curls last longer.

Apply working texture spray

9. Then I tuck the bottom section of my hair into my shirt again and bring the middle section down to curl. I follow the same process of straightening the ends, then curling sections away from my face.

10. I repeat the process of tucking the finished curls into my shirt, then I pull down the top layer of hair. I divide the top hair into thirds, starting on the side opposite of my part. I repeat the process again: straightening the ends, then curling in sections away from my face.

11. Now I part my hair in its regular spot and finish the process. My hair has more volume because it has dried on the opposite side!

12. At this point the curls are really tight, but after they cool completely I use a wide tooth comb to get a looser look. (You could also use your fingers!) The curls tend to last longer if they start out tight.

My weekly hair routine: loosen curls with a wide tooth comb

13. Finally, I rub a little bit of smoothing cream into my hands and apply it to the ends of my hair to keep away the frizz.

Do You Have Any Hair Routine Tips?

So that’s my weekly hair routine!

I always think it’s fun to see how different people use hold their flat iron, use different hair products, etc. So I hope you find these tips helpful!

Do you have any hair routine tips? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments, or tag me @homeandkind on Instagram!

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