2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

November 8, 2022

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The holidays are just around the corner, and this year we’re coming at you with practical gifts both you and your child will love! Whether your child is active and outdoorsy, creative and artsy, or tech-obsessed, we have the gift guide for you. We took extra care to ensure these are gifts that are vetted and kid- and parent-approved!

Active Gifts for Kids

1. Formidable Swords $49.99

These aren’t your average toy swords. They’re incredibly well made, intricately designed, and super soft and flexible. You won’t be worried about injuries and your kids will use them for YEARS to come. Use code BRIT15 for 15% off!

2. Frisbee Golf Target $69.99

Frisbee golf is such a great game for kids and adults alike. It’s easy to learn and can be played anywhere. 3 discs are included with this target, so set it up in your yard or head to the park for some energy-burning fun!

3. Segway Ninebot $599.99

When you really want to get the WOW-factor, gift your kids this Segway. It’s a smart and self-balancing electric scooter that packs in HOURS of fun, whether cruising around the neighborhood or riding it to school.

4. Laser Tag $99.99

Looking for a way to burn energy indoors during the colder months? This laser tag set is the answer! It comes with four guns and four vests, so family and friends can get in on the fun, too.

5. Magnetic Dart Board $26.99

Darts are a fun indoor or outdoor activity — one parents will have fun playing, too! This set is magnetic so it’s less dangerous and easy to play anytime, anywhere.

6. Stanley 64 oz Water Bottle $51.10

If you have a kid who is constantly hopping from one sport to another, this is the water bottle they need in their lives! No need to refill and stays cold ALL day. Use code HOME20 for 20% off!

7. Kids Archery Set $39.99

This high-quality archery set is a dream gift for kids who have always wanted their own bow and arrow. It has a range of over 120 feet and the super-durable arrows come with foam tips, so it’s safe and fun for everyone.

Creativity Gifts for Kids

1. Diamond Painting Stickers $12.98

These diamond painting stickers are perfect for slightly older kids who love crafting. They require patience and dedication, but the end result is oh-so fun and cute. Kids love them!

2. Paint by Sticker $8.95

Paint by sticker books are like a puzzle and sticker book all in one. Honestly, they’re fun for adults, too! They’re a great way to pass the time in the car or a quiet activity for church and other meetings.

3. Blank Comic Book $5.99

If you have a doodler, they’ll LOVE this blank comic book that comes with a variety of templates and layouts. You’ll love seeing what they come up with (and all the peace and quiet you enjoy while they get creative!)

4. The Dangerous Book for Boys $12.44

Bring back the essentials of childhood with this darling book. It’s filled with how-to’s on everything from paper plane-building to slingshots, fossils, and fishing.

The Double Dangerous Book for Boys $15.70

Get your kids off a screen and learning the skills that generations of boys have learned: how to tie a knot, play chess, or pick a lock. This makes great reading before bedtime with your older boys!

5. The Daring Book for Girls $13.23

Filled with tips on friendship bracelets, cats cradle, and double dutch, this is a classic book that will leave you nostalgic for the good ol’ days. Your girls will be inspired to pick up a new hobby — or at least plan a sleepover!

The Double Daring Book for Girls $16.66

Continue the fun and adventure of this serious with new activities, games, and fun facts for the modern girl. It covers topics like cowgirls, April Fools Day ideas, singing, surfing, and more!

6. Julia Rothman Collection: Farm, Nature, Food, Anatomy $29.49

Want a cute book set that you and your kids will enjoy? This collection is it! Learn about farm life, nature, and food from this pretty illustrated book set. It looks great on a coffee table or on the shelf!

Julia Rothman: Ocean Anatomy $14.95

This charming, thick book is filled with interesting tidbits about the ocean and its creatures. You’ll love thumbing through this book with your child!

Julia Rothman: Wildlife Anatomy $15.29

If you have an animal lover at home, this is the book for them! The pretty illustrations are totally captivating and informative. Kids and adults will love this book equally.

7. Art Supplies Set $25

No need to buy art supplies individually — this art set has everything your budding artist needs to create. The case is neutral and looks high-end, so you won’t mind having it spread around the house (as it’s bound to be!)

8. Promptly Journals

These beautiful journals come with fun prompts that make it easy for kids to record memories and process emotions. You can even buy themed journals for parent and child, siblings, or travel. Use code HOMEANDKIND for 15% off.

9. Magnet Board Table Stand $35.99

Every kid loves writing on white boards — why not get them one that’s just their size! This table stand will inspire many hours of playing school or making art. It’s also great to have around for homework time!

Technology Gifts for Kids

1. Troomi Phone $179.95

Keep your kids safe and stay in touch with the Troomi phone, which allows you to graduate the features based on your child’s needs and maturity. No social media, no games, no predators or bullies! Plans are $19.99-$29.99/month. Use code HOMEANDKIND for $50 off.

2. Gabb Watch $149.99

When you want to get in touch with your child but aren’t ready for them to have a phone, this watch is the perfect solution. It’s safe and affordable, with tons of parental limits that make it a great introduction to technology. Plans are $9.99-$16.99/month. Use code HOMEANDKIND for 30% off!

3. Kindle for Kids $139.99

This is the perfect tablet for kids ages 6-12. It has tons of age-appropriate content, including educational games and apps, shows, and ebooks. Use parental controls to limit functionality!

Experience Gifts for Kids

When you feel like your kids have too much stuff, give them the gift of an experience! Make the unveiling more memorable by wrapping up a small gift that acts as a “clue” related to the real gift. Here are 65 experience gift ideas to get your wheels turning!

Building Toy Gifts for Kids

1. Wooden 3D Puzzle $42.99

Give your puzzle lovers a bigger challenge with this amazing wooden 3D puzzle! It’s made from real wood and will deliver hours of focused family time — it’s the perfect activity for the holiday season.

2. Lincoln Logs $49.99

Lincoln Logs are a classic toy that has been around for a century — and for good reason! Kids will love building cabins, fences, and other structures with these timeless building toys.

3. Bristle Blocks $29.99

Need a new building toy in your life? These bristle blocks are a fun and unique way to play! Not every family has them, so they’ll be a novel idea to your kids who love to build.

4. Plus Plus $39.99

Who knew little plus-sign shapes could be so entertaining? These unique toys link together to make all kinds of creations, including structures, numbers, art work, and more. Every kid is guaranteed to love them!

5. K’Nex $27.99

K’Nex are a retro toy that have made a come-back in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. The pieces really move and bend, allowing kids to create functional pieces that pair well with other toys and deliver hours of entertainment.

6. Magnet Blocks $47.99

Magnet blocks are a new classic toy that you’re sure to keep around for years to come. They’re a stand-by in just about every household, because magnets are just SO fascinating to kids!

7. MagTrax $50.99

If your kids are bored of regular marble tracks, this magnetic wall marble run will blow their minds! It can be customized a million ways and works with any wall. Sets range from $50-$325.

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