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65 Experience Gift Ideas

December 8, 2019

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Sometimes it feels like there’s just too much “stuff”.  Last year for Christmas, we decided to forgo all the useless toys that just ended up cluttering our house and gave the kids “experiences” instead.  It ended up being one of my favorite Christmases and we had so much fun making memories with each child individually.

For our experience gifts, we chose something we thought that child would enjoy doing and gave them tickets for their experience.  We thought it would be fun to enjoy the experience with the child and mom and dad – just the 3 of us, while the other kids were with a babysitter.  All 3 of us loved each date and it created such special memories.

If you’ve thought about giving an experience to your kids instead of gifts, I’ve compiled a list of 65 ideas that will help get you started!

When we gifted these experiences to our kids, I put the gift card, tickets, etc in an envelope with their name and paired the envelope with a small toy that would give them a “hint” as to what the experience would be.  It was a fun way to give them a clue to what they’d get, and also have something tangible to get them excited about the experience.

For example, with my son’s tickets to Medieval Times, we included a foam shield and swords.  We paired my daughter’s Disney on Ice tickets with Disney princess figurines.  For my son’s Top Golf gift card, we included some practice golf balls.  We wrapped up a little brain teaser puzzle with my daughter’s Escape Room tickets.

Gifting an experience is also a great option for a Christmas where you’re traveling and don’t have a lot of space to bring big gifts.

Experience Gift Ideas

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