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The Best Gifts for Kids – 2019 Gift Guide

November 22, 2019

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Christmas is such a fun time for kids!  It’s pure magic to see the surprised and delighted look on their faces when they open a present.  But I try to make an effort to give things to my kids that are going to be long-lasting and useful.

Each of these gifts for kids that I hand-selected from small businesses are unique, useful and high-quality.  I can’t wait to share them with you!

Kids Hammock from Splendipity Hammocks

You really can’t go wrong with a hammock for kids!  It’s the perfect place for lounging, reading books, or relaxing.  I love Splendipity’s luxurious hammocks that are handmade and heavy-duty.  I love this Peaches N’ Cream Hammock that has a beautiful coral color on the outside, minky fabric on the inside, and a fun tassel detail.

We set up our hammock quickly and easily and I’m so impressed with how heavy-duty it is.  It’s great for any little corner where you want to add something special.

Get 15% off everything at Splendipity Hammocks with code HOMEGROWN15.  Code good through December 15.

DUB It Game and MAK Packs from Mindful Art Co

Teaching emotional responsibility and mindfulness to kids can feel like a daunting task.  But there are so many benefits, including more self-awareness, responsibility, and methods to self soothe.  Mindful Art Co has made it easy and FUN to teach kids about emotions.  They’ve create a simple game called DUB It that helps kids identify emotions (similar to the premise of the game Apples to Apples).

Mindful Art Co also has MAK Packs (MAK = Meditation Art Kit) that combine crafting and art with learning emotional responsibility.  It includes 4 lessons with stories, crafts, and an audio story to listen to.  You can get a physical or digital copy of the MAK Pack and it makes a great experience gift to enjoy with your kids!

Get 30% off everything at Mindful Art Co with code HOMEGROWN30.  Code good through December 31.

Kids Shirts and Felt Pennants from Kind Kids Club

It’s always fun to gift the kids something they can wear.  Then when they finally change out of those holiday jammies, they have something new to put on.  I love all the t-shirt options from Kind Kids Club.  They’re beautifully designed and have a great message as well.  All the kids tees come in sizes 3 months – 5T.

I also love the felt pennant trend.  They’re easy to hang anywhere in the house and are especially cute in a kids room or play room!

Get 15% off everything at Kind Kids Club with code HOMEGROWN15. Code good through January 31.

Durable Foam Swords from Formidable Toys

Do you have kids that love to fight?  I’m pretty sure my boys could fight with each other for hours on end and when there are nerf guns or play swords, it’s even better.

These AMAZING swords came to be when a father and son drew sketches for swords and decided to make their dreams a reality.  It’s almost hard to explain how heavy duty and durable these swords are.  They’re foam swords and have a soft tip, to help prevent injuries.

And what makes them even more awesome is that they’re modular!  Which means you can take the hilt and crossguard off and mix and match those pieces with other swords.  They’re next level play swords that would make such a fun and cherished gift.  I got the Eon Arc and the Dragon Iss.

Get 20% off everything at Formidable Toys with code HOMEGROWN20.  Code good through November 30.

Book of Mormon Card Ring from Kindred Kids

Kindred cards were designed to make “Come, Follow Me” lessons fun and easy for you and your families. Each card will help further your child’s connection with the lesson and motivate them to collect and reflect on all 51.

These would make the sweetest family gift or stocking stuffer.  I love the idea of building on concepts you’re learning throughout the year and giving kids a chance to connect the dots in a simple way.

Get 15% off everything at Kindred Kids with code HOMEGROWN15.  Code good through November 28.

Parent-Child Journals from Loom Journals

I’ve been using this parent-child journal with my older kids for a while and it’s been such a great experience.  The Loom Journal is beautiful designed and illustrated.  There are prompts in the journal from everything to home life, school, memories, dreams, goals, etc.  And there is a page of prompts for the child side-by-side with the same page of prompts for the parent to fill out.

This journal is awesome at fostering connection, especially with kids that don’t love to talk about personal things.  It’ll also be such a keepsake to look back on in years to come.

Get 20% off everything at Loom Journals with code HOMEGROWN20.

Scripture Dry Erase Cards from L. Dz Studios

These dry erase cards are a great stocking stuffer for kids that you’ll be so glad you have!  There are varieties for the New Testament, Old Testament, Book of Mormon and Articles of Faith.  The cards are a great quiet activity for kids to learn about the scriptures in a fun way.

The cards come in a beautiful felt pouch (marker not included) and can be wiped clean to use again and again.

Get 20% off everything at L. Dz Studios with code HOMEGROWN20.  Code good through November 27.

Make Your Own Wizard Wands Kit from Playscape Toys

Got any witch and wizard fans in your family?  This kit to make your own wands is sure to be a hit!  It’s got everything you need to make 4 customizable wands.  With the high-quality dowels, dowel ends, paint and brushes, you’re in for a great time with your kids.

And once they’re done, it’s sure to spark imaginative play as they parade around as witches and wizards!

Get 15% off Wand Making Kits with code HOMEGT15.  Code good through .

Coordinating Hair Ties, Ties and Bow Ties from Johnny + Tate

Johnny + Tate is hands-down my favorite shop to buy coordinating ties, bowties and hair ties for the whole family.  They’ve got beautiful fabrics in high-quality cotton.

These are perfect as a stocking stuffer and I can’t get enough of the simple family accessory matching!

Get 10% off everything at Johnny + Tate with code HOMEGROWN10.

Make sure to check out the rest of my gift guides HERE.

I like to hang out on Instagram and share more in-depth tutorials on everything I’m make, create and organize.  Come be a part of our Home and Kind Instagram community.

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