10 Practical Gift Wrap Essentials for the Holidays

November 7, 2022

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Brittney holding gift wrapping supplies

For most of us, the holidays are a fun, festive, and BUSY season — which is why I’ve made a list of all of my favorite gift wrapping essentials to save you time and money throughout the year.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re buying gifts for everyone on your list, attending and planning parties, sending cards to loved ones, and decking the halls — on top of all the usual work/chores/etc!

Thankfully, there are a few hacks that can streamline all you have on your plate during the busy end-of-the-year season.

By having these gift wrap essentials on hand, you’ll always be ready to wrap up a cute, coordinated gift, without having to rush out to the store or order more gift wrap online!

Wrapping paper supplies set on a table

1. Kraft Paper

Kraft paper ($12.89) is inexpensive, recyclable, and works great for any occasion. You can even create your own custom design by writing a phrase/word/pattern in diagonal lines across the paper (before wrapping). You could also write a note or name directly on the package.

2. Chunky Yarn

At only 4 cents per yard, chunky yarn ($3.42) is much more affordable than ribbon. And it looks so cute on any packaging! Pair it with some fresh pine clippings or other greenery for a festive holiday package.

3. Blank Gift Tags

Blank gift tags ($17.99) are only 18 cents each, and the perfect size to write a little note or large name. I love that the blank versions are neutral and versatile enough for any season. Add a mini ornament to dress up the tag during the holidays!

A close-up photo of wrapped gifts

4. Kraft Bags

Like Kraft paper, Kraft bags ($29.99) are great to have on-hand for any quick or odd-shaped gifts that aren’t easily wrapped. I like to have multiple sizes around for any size of gift.

5. Neutral Tissue Paper

With a few packages of neutral tissue paper ($8.99), you’re ready for any occasion! I like to buy muted greens and reds for Christmas, but any color in a muted tone will look cute and on-trend!

6. Cellophane Bags – $13.89

I like to have small cellophane bags ($13.89) and large cellophane bags ($17.89) on hand as part of my gift wrap essentials. I use the ones with a gusset bottom so they expand and fit more. These are great for gifting holiday treats!

7. Black Gel Pens

These black gel pens ($12.95) are my favorite gift wrap essential for writing on gift tags! They’re ultra-smooth and give the gift a more high-end look.

A close-up photo of a plain gift tag with writing on it

8. Scissors and Tape

Of course, no gift wrapping station is complete without scissors and tape. I like to keep a set with all of my gift wrapping supplies and make sure my kids don’t run off with it for other purposes. This 2-in-1 scissors and tape dispenser ($10.64) is genius!

9. Plaid Wrapping Paper

Plaid wrapping paper ($4.99) is a classic that will never go out of style. I love using this pattern and mixing it in with the Kraft paper-wrapped gifts.

10. Tartan and Stripe Wrapping Paper

I love using three different patterns for my Christmas gifts every year. This red tartan plaid stripe wrapping paper ($9.99) pairs perfectly with the green plaid and Kraft paper packages.

Happy Holidays!

Keep these gift wrap essentials stocked year round and you will save so much time and money! Plus, you’ll be able to whip up beautifully packaged gifts at a moment’s notice!

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