Compostable Sandwich Bags Product Test (6 Brands Compared)

October 28, 2022

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As a busy mom of four kids, I find it near impossible to get away from plastic bags. They’re just so convenient! So rather than steering away from bags altogether, I wanted to try out compostable sandwich baggies instead.

Compostable sandwich baggies are just what they sound like — sandwich bags that easily break down/compost when they’re in a landfill. They’re a much more eco-friendly product than regular plastic bags, but perform a little different: Some of them are less stretchy, less transparent, and a little more difficult to open.

So which compostable sandwich bags really work? And are they worth the price?

I decided to find out by putting six compostable sandwich bag brands to the test!

Check out the results below to find out which brand won.

My Compostable Bag Testing Strategy

Compostable sandwich bags come in a wide variety of materials, styles, and price points. So I I wanted to make this a fair test! Here’s how I went about it:

  • Purchase the bags. First I bought six of the most popular compostable sandwich bags from stores like Target and Walmart.
Compostable sandwich baggies set on a countertop
  • Test for ease of opening + durability. As soon as I got all the bags, I opened each box and tested them for how easy they are to open and close, and how durable they seem.
Compostable sandwich baggies laid out next to their boxes
  • Use bags to store sandwiches in the freezer. Next, I put a couple Hawaiian roll ham sandwiches in each bag and popped them in the freezer. These technically aren’t freezer bags, but I wanted to test how well they’d stay sealed and keep the sandwiches fresh. (I like making sandwiches in bulk and then freezing them for easy access later in the week. So this was an important factor for me!)
A variety of compostable sandwich baggies with sandwiches in them on a countertop
  • Create a control group. I also used a normal plastic sandwich bag as the “control” to compare against the compostable bags.
  • Analyze the results. Two weeks later, I pulled the bags out of the freezer and let the sandwiches thaw for a couple hours until they were at room temperature. Then I tested for how fresh they stayed and compared the transparency of the baggies.
Compostable sandwich baggies with sandwiches next to them
  • Rank results. Finally, I ranked them all by categories and factored in the price per bag to declare a winner!

The Results

Curious to know which brand one?

Matter compostable bags won first place! These bags are the most affordable, pretty easy to open and close, and more transparent than most compostable bags. You can find them at Target.

For Good compostable bags were a close runner-up. I also liked these bags a lot and think they are worth the price. You can find these bags at Walmart.

Since I’m sure you’re all dying to know the details of my ranking system, here are the results!

ProductPrice per bagEasy to open ratingFreshness ratingTransparency rating
Vove Zip Bags$0.24796
Wrapok Sandwich Bags$0.24796
Matter Compostable Sandwich Bags$0.14696
Unni Compostable Sandwich Bags$0.20795
For Good Zipper Sandwich Bags$0.24897
Compostic Resealable Bags$0.23765
Brittney standing with compostable sandwich baggies stacked in her arms

Happy Lunch-Making!

Hopefully this compostable sandwich bag test was helpful for you! I know I’m always looking for tips on easy ways to go green, and I highly recommend giving the Matter compostable bags and For Good compostable bags a try!

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