Ritual Ideas for Family, Couples, and Individuals

January 12, 2022

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Instead of setting New Year’s resolutions this year, I’m focusing on incorporating more rituals into my life that bring joy and fill my cup! I’ve spent many years making goals and resolutions in January, but I’ve recently have decided to shift away from all the to-do lists and checklists. Instead, I’m choosing to infuse more joy into motherhood and everyday life with family, personal, and couples rituals.

Rituals don’t have to be elaborate—they’re the small habits and traditions my family and I can look back on through the years with fondness.

I’ve loved talking about ritual ideas over on my Instagram account, and I’ve compiled them here to give you tons of ways to incorporate rituals in your life this year. Enjoy!

Family Rituals

We recently sat down as a family to discuss which rituals we wanted to incorporate in 2022. I think it’s important to consider what works for YOUR family—and don’t try to hold on to any rituals that aren’t fitting to your season of life.

I love the idea of creating rituals around pain points you might have. For example, our family discussed how we can make our laundry go more smoothly throughout the week.

We decided to make Monday our family laundry day: After we all do our own loads of laundry, we’ll put on a podcast, eat a treat, and fold our clothes together. I think it will be a great way to add a little fun and joy to a typically mundane task!

  • Friday pizza movie night
  • Saturday morning donuts
  • Special time with one child each night
  • Sunday dinner with cousins
  • Monday family home evening
  • Laundry folding party + podcast + treat
  • Family walks/bike rides
  • Rainy day hot chocolate
  • High/love of the day at dinner or bedtime
  • Treat-making on a Sunday afternoon (One child chooses the treat + who they want to share it with)
  • Goal setting on the first Monday of the month
  • Family date night once per month
  • Snack tray + chat after school
  • Dad calling kids on the way home from school each day
  • Family cheer before school each morning
  • Pillow fights on sheet-changing day
  • Ice cream for breakfast on the first day of summer break

Personal Rituals

I’m probably not alone here, but I have a much harder time coming up with personal rituals. Getting my nails done or watching a show can be fun, but it doesn’t necessarily fill my cup and give me what I need to be a better wife, mother, and friend.

I think personal rituals are SO important and something I am passionate about. Too often as women and mothers we don’t put ourselves first. So i’m excited to start incorporating more personal rituals in my life that really leave me feeling more energized, peaceful, and joyful.

  • Morning walk
  • Meditation/yoga
  • Praying for + reaching out to a friend daily
  • Hot tea/hot chocolate after kids are in bed
  • Read a book while eating lunch
  • Gospel study by candlelight
  • Five minutes of journaling at night
  • A hot bath when the weather is freezing
  • Exercise is a way that feels good for 30 minutes daily
  • Listen to podcast/audiobook while cleaning
  • New outfit at the beginning of each season
  • Attend the temple once a month
  • Participate in a monthly book club
  • Yearly girls trip with friends
  • Audiobooks while cleaning the house
  • Nightly skincare routine
  • Ladies lunch bunch every month
  • Dinner club/cookbook club
  • Listening to a talk while getting ready
  • Bubble baths
  • Monthly phone calls with friends
  • “Walk and talks” with friends
  • One-line-a-day journal
  • Signing up for personal development courses
  • Repeat affirmations every morning
  • Trying new recipes every month

Couples Rituals

I think it’s critical to put time and energy into your relationship with your partner—especially if you have kids! It’s really easy to fall into roles where you’re only worried about managing the household or getting kids to their various activities. But incorporating couples rituals allows you to have fun, enjoy each other, and grow and change together.

Justin and I try to have a weekly date (this can be as simple as watching a movie and getting takeout, or a day date to Home Depot!), and we also try to get away on a couple’s trip at least once a year—even if it’s just for a weekend.

There are many ways to connect as a couple outside of a weekly date night. I love having a monthly planning date to make sure we’re in touch with each other’s needs and schedules. You could also have a couples book club, where you read the same book or article and then talk about it. Or you could find a hobby or common interest to enjoy together (right now we love playing pickleball!)

Finally, I think it’s so important to make clear expectations around holidays and birthdays. You can take turns planning Valentine’s Day or anniversary dates, set guidelines and budgets around gift-gifting, and communicate about your ideal way to spend each holiday. This takes away the mystery for your partner and sets them up for success—remember, they can’t read your mind!

  • Date once a week (take turns planning)
  • Pray together nightly
  • Attend the temple together once a month
  • One trip together as a couple per year
  • Pass a journal back and forth
  • Walks together twice a week
  • Pickleball together once a week
  • Planning sessions once a month
  • Yearly goal setting/dreaming
  • Be in the bedroom together by 10 pm without phones (watch a show, talk, cuddle, etc)
  • Read a book together quarterly, then talk about it
  • Make a plan for clear expectations around holiday and birthdays
  • Experience gifts for anniversaries
  • Working out together
  • Sunday night meeting to discuss the family calendar
  • Dancing together at home
  • Playing board games together
  • Weekend hot tub dates
  • Twenty second hugs every day
  • Monday morning coffee runs

Choosing Rituals for Your Life

I hope you’re inspired by this roundup of rituals for family, couples, and individuals! Keep in mind that you definitely shouldn’t try to add every ritual to your life at once. It’s best to focus on a few things that are important to you, then do those things really well. Be flexible, pivot when necessary, and remember that these rituals are meant to infuse more joy in everyday living—not be another thing you have to check off your to-do list!

2022 Rituals Printable

I’ve created a free printable for you to write out the rituals you’d like to focus on incorporating this year. You can download it below.

Couples Celebration Planner Printable

I also created a printable for couples to write out and define what expectations they have for each holiday/celebration during the year. Communication in any relationship is SO important. One thing I learned early on is that you can’t expect your spouse to read your mind. No one can accurately predict what you’re thinking or what you’re hoping for at any given moment.

So, set your spouse up for success by owning your expectations around holidays and celebrations! Take a little time to really think about what you want on those days. Then communicate that. It’s not any less romantic if your partner delivers something you asked for – in fact, maybe even it’s more romantic because they listened to you and honored your wishes.

Print my free celebration planner and take one night to fill it out! You’ll be so glad you did.

I like to hang out on Instagram and share more in-depth tutorials on everything I make, create, and organize.  Come be a part of our Home & Kind Instagram community.

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