DIY Wood Food Board Tutorial

October 16, 2021

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DIY wood food board tutorial

I’m so excited to finally share this DIY wood food board tutorial, which I’ve had on my to-do list for months!

Awhile back I went to a business retreat and fell in love with this giant wood food board I saw hanging on the wall at the event. We pulled it down and had a great time using it to display and eat an array of tasty snacks. (Think: fruit, crackers, cheese, and all the charcuterie board staples.)

I figured I could totally make one of these boards of my own, and now six months later, here I am, finally making it happen.

Materials Required for a DIY Wood Food Board

Materials needed for the DIY wood food board

The first step to making a DIY wood food board is to gather and purchase all of your materials. Here are all the tools and materials you’ll need:

Steps to Making a DIY Wood Food Board

  1. Trace your pattern: Once all of your materials are ready to go, it’s time to create a template for the handle portion of your food board, then trace it onto the board. I made sure mine was symmetrical by creating half of a pattern, tracing it on one side, then flipping it over to the other side.

2. Cut the board: Now it’s time to cut along the pencil markings using a jigsaw. You’ll also want to curve the other sides of the board for a more finished look.

cutting the board

3. Sand the board: With the board cut to your desired shape, it’s time to sand using a 100-grit piece of sandpaper. Smooth the entire board, then repeat with the 220-grit sandpaper.

sanding the wood food board

4. Drill a hole in the handle: Next, use the drill and drill bit to make a hole in the handle. The hole will also allow you to hang it on the wall, which doubles as wall decor and space-saving storage.

drilling a hole for the wood food board

5. Clean the board: Your DIY wood food board is almost complete! Before you stain it, make sure to clean the board with a damp microfiber towel to remove all dust.

Cleaning the wood food board

6. Stain the board: Next, use a brush or rag to apply the stain to the board. I propped my board up on cans so I could better apply the stain to the edges. Remember to let one side dry completely before moving on to the next side.

Staining the DIY wood food board

7. Protect the food board: Finally, it’s time to protect the food board by brushing on a polyurethane coating. Let it dry between sides and lightly sand the board with 220-grit sandpaper in between coats. (I recommend applying 2-3 coats for adequate protection!)

protecting the DIY wood food board with polyurethane

And now your DIY wood food board is complete! Pull out the cheese and crackers and find a reason to host a gathering, because this massive food board is sure to be the star of the night. (And don’t forget to tag @homeandkind on Instagram to show off your handiwork!)

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