Ultimate Beach Essentials List

August 26, 2021

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ultimate beach essentials list

Now that we live in North Carolina, we have taken quite a few beach trips—and learned a lot in the process!

There are quite a few products we’ve discovered that make beach days so much easier. So I thought I’d share all of my favorite beach essentials in one ultimate guide.

1. Beach Canopy

It’s important to take breaks from the sun when you’re spending a long day at the beach. Enter: this beach canopy, which collapses well and is ideal for the beach, camping, soccer days, or anything else.

2. Shibumi Beach Shade

This Shibumi beach shade is a genius invention! It takes up very little space and offers shade by using the wind to keep the fabric up. Since the beach is almost always windy, it’s a great option when you’re trying to save on space.

3. Collapsible Wagon

This collapsible wagon is definitely a must. It has side pockets for drinks, has a collapsible handle, and has room to pile up everything you need for a beach day.

4. Insulated Cooler Bag

insulated cooler bag

Throw a few resusable ice backs in this insulated cooler bag and you’re set for a day of snacking at the beach. We like to put drinks and anything that will melt or spoil in the hot sun, like sandwiches, candy, fruit and veggies, etc.

5. Reusable Ice Packs

These reusable ice packs are great because they take up a small amount of space and don’t leak like melted ice does!

6. Beach Chairs

It’s so nice to have hands free while walking to and from the beach, which is why I love these beach chairs that can be carried on your back. (Or these beach chairs are great too!)

7. Kids Beach Chairs

These kids beach chairs are another great option that’s easy to transport from the car to the sand. Have each child carry their own chair to make the trip easier.

8. Beach Towels

I love these beach towels because they are small, dry fast, and are only $6!

9. Beach Towel Clips

On a windy beach, these beach towel clips are great to hold towels to your chairs so they don’t blow away.

10. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker/Radio

Not only is the waterproof Bluetooth speaker/radio cute, but it’s super functional too. It’s portable, waterproof, sand-proof, and even opens up to store items like wallets or sunglasses.

11. Insulated Water Bottles

insulated water bottles

Hydration is crucial to a successful beach day! These 30 ounce insulated water bottles don’t leak and are perfect for toting around. I love the handle and the built-in straw—it’s a perfect compliment to the classic Stanley cup I love.

12. Collapsible Bag

This collapsible bag folds down to almost nothing, yet fits SO much. We use it to hold towels, toys, food, and more. We can easily throw it in our wagon or carry it over the shoulder when walking shorter distances.

13. Plastic Zipper Pouches

plastic zipper pouches

We love using plastic zipper pouches for holding goggles, sunscreen, bug spray, glasses, and other small items during a day at the beach.

14. Mesh Beach Toy Bags

These mesh beach toy bags are perfect for holding sand toys. The mesh allows sand to fall straight through, it’s heavy-duty, and it has carrying handles that make it easy to travel with.

15. Collapsible Buckets

collapsible buckets

These collapsible buckets don’t crack easily and fold down to save space in the bag or wagon. They hold up well when toting water and are always great for a beach day!

16. Silicone Beach Toy Set

silicone beach toy set

This silicone beach toy set comes in the cutest colors and will never break. (I will say that the shovel is not the best for packed, hard sand!)

17. Sand Shovels

sand shovels

These sand shovels are really thin but heavy-duty, making them one of my top beach essentials. You won’t have to worry about them breaking in the middle of your sand castle-building.

18. Beach Trucks

sand trucks

These beach trucks provide lots of entertainment for little ones. They easily plow over the sand and pair great with a big sand castle!

19. Surfer Dudes Beach Toys

These Surfer Dudes came high recommended and they don’t disappoint! Our kids spend hours throwing the surfers into the ocean waves and seeing how far they’ll surf into shore. They’re so well designed because they’re high quality and weighted on the bottom so they always find their way right-side up.

20. Body Boards

Of course, body boards are a must if you’re on a beach with waves. They provide hours of entertainment for all ages!

body board

21. Spike Ball

Have you jumped on the trend yet? Spike ball is a super fun game for the whole family and is perfect for passing time at the beach.

Spike ball

22. Bottle Bash

Bottle Bash is another fun game that’s ideal for playing on the sand.

23. Kubb Wooden Blocks Game

Kubb wooden blocks game

Have you heard of the Kubb wooden blocks game? We played this on the beach with some friends and it was a blast!

24. Water Football

A water football is essential for playing a friendly game of football on the beach. This one won’t get ruined if it gets wet and is lightweight and easy to throw.

25. Water Volleyball

We spent hours in the shallow water standing in a circle seeing how many times we could pass this water volleyball without letting it touch the water.

26. Sunscreen Stick

A sunscreen stick is ideal an absolute beach essential and ideal for protecting cheeks, noses, and foreheads from UV rays.

27. Sunscreen Lip Balm

sunscreen lip balm

Don’t let those lips burn! This sunscreen lip balm is essential for warding off dry, chapped lips after a beach day.

28. Sunscreen Lotion

I always like to start out with sunscreen lotion before we go out to the beach. It definitely seems to be longer-lasting than spray, but is also harder to apply in the sand. So I consider both lotion and spray to be beach essentials for a long day in the sun!

29. Sunscreen Spray

sunscreen spray

I like to use sunscreen spray when my sunscreen lotion starts to wear off. It’s easy to apply even when sandy!

30. Baby Powder

baby powder ultimate beach essentials

Do you or your kids always have wet, sandy feet as you get into the car? Save yourself the ordeal with this secret beach essential! Put a little baby powder on your feet and let it sit for a minute or two. The powder will soak up the moisture and you’ll be able to use a towel to easily brush off all the sand.

31. Sand Brush

This surf brush is the beach essential I didn’t realize I was missing until I got one! It’s the perfect size and stiffness to easily remove sand from all your chairs, beach toys, wagon wheels and feet. Beach cleanup has never been so easy.

Enjoy Your Trip with These Beach Essentials!

beach essentials

Beach days are always fun, but having these 29 beach essentials will certainly streamline the outing and ensure everything goes a little more smoothly. Let me know if you take some of these recommendations to heart and tag @homeandkind in your beach trip posts!

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