10 Kitchen Organization Tips

August 23, 2021

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10 kitchen organization tips

Sometimes keeping the kitchen neat and tidy is much easier said than done. But today I’m sharing everything I’ve learned in the process of moving from a larger kitchen to a slightly smaller one.

Downsizing certainly forces you to get creative with your organization and only keep what is essential. And since the kitchen really is the heart of our home, these 10 kitchen organization tips are so crucial for my day-to-day sanity!

So here you have it: My 10 kitchen organization tips!

1. Use Command Hooks to Store Cutting Boards

hang cutting boards in cabinets

If you’re short on space, Command hooks are a great way to maximize cabinetry and get easy access to cutting boards. Use a heavy duty hook to store light-weight cutting boards, then grab and go any time you need to chop fruits, vegetables, and more. (It’s best to install them near where you stand to chop!)

2. Install Pull-Out Drawers Inside Cabinets

install drawers in cabinets

Installing pull-out drawers helps to make standard cabinets SO much more functional. You can pull out the entire thing to easily find what you need. I especially love having them on the lower cabinets so nothing in the back of the cabinet gets forgotten.

3. Hang Clipboards in Cabinet Doors

Tired of having random papers clutter your countertop? Get organized by hanging clipboards inside cabinet doors. This keeps the papers accessible and out of sight. I use them to store my grocery list, coupons, receipts, and other papers I know I’ll be needing. You could also use them for homework, reward charts, and more!

4. Create a Station for Paper Plates and Plastic Utensils

create a station for paper plates and plastic utensils

It’s so nice to have all of our paper plates and plastic utensils in one spot. I store a small amount in a caddy so I can grab it whenever we’re eating outside or hosting friends for a casual dinner, then I store the rest up on the top shelf so we can refill as needed.

5. Keep Your Most-Used Items on a Tray

While I love having my counters as clutter-free as possible, I use some items often enough that it’s nice to have them within arm’s reach. (Think: olive oil, salt and pepper, spatulas, etc.). I like to corral these items on a tray to make their placement more intentional and organized. I pour olive and avocado oil into oil dispensers, which make them functional and beautiful.

6. Use Plastic Bins to Store Kitchen Appliance Accessories

Use Plastic Bins to Store Kitchen Appliance Accessories

Rather than having cords and attachments loose in random drawers, I love storing all of my kitchen appliance accessories in plastic bins in one cabinet. I label all of the bins so I can grab it whenever I’m ready to use my KitchenAid, Magic Bullet, etc. This keeps things from getting lost or broken!

7. Keep Flour, Sugar, and Oats on the Counter

Keep Flour, Sugar, and Oats on the Counter

Do you like to bake? If so, you may be tired of frequently toting your bags of flour, sugar, and oats to the counter and back to the cabinet. I decided to remedy the situation by storing my baking essentials in nice glass jars on the counter top. Though the lids are not completely airtight, I have never had a problem with them spoiling. And I love having everything close by whenever I get the itch to bake.

8. Store Spices in a Drawer

store spices in a drawer

I love having my spices in a drawer—it’s so nice to have them close to the stove and be able to see all my of most-used spices at once. I buy the glass spice jars from Target and then refill them as needed to get a cohesive look. I also keep some specialty spices and extra spices on a lazy susan in the cabinet above. Pro tip: Store your spices alphabetically to locate them quickly!

9. Store Pots and Pans Vertically

Storing pots and pans vertically has saved me SO much space in the kitchen! My Caraway pans came with magnetized storage containers and magnetized lid holders (which I store on the inside of my cabinet door.) If you don’t have Caraway pans, you can find similar storage solutions on Amazon.

10. Keep Soap in Pretty Containers

keep soap in pretty containers

Nothing beats the power of Dawn blue dish soap—but I don’t love having a bright blue container on my counter. My solution was to store hand soap and dish soap in pretty, coordinating bottles that I can quickly refill as needed. I love having something aesthetically pleasing and functional right next to the kitchen sink! I love this set of glass dispensers too.

So those are my 10 kitchen organization tips for you! I hope it’s helpful, whether you have a small or large kitchen. Tag @homeandkind if you use these tips to organize in your own home!

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