The Best Gifts for Women – 2020 Gift Guide

November 6, 2020

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Brittney with the gift recommendations

Today’s gift guide is all about the best gifts for women. I love thinking of gifts to give the women in my life because they are some of the most selfless people I know. They are always serving others, but rarely take the time to pamper themselves. All of these gifts would be loved by any woman. Drop hints to your significant other or grab something for a sister, best friend, co-worker, or neighbor. Actually, grab some as gifts and then pick a few to treat yourself!

House Dresses

1. House Dresses

use “HOMEGROWN” for 15% off

Is it a robe? Is it a dress? No one knows, it’s the perfect mix of both! It’s the softest thing ever and feels like butter while still having enough coverage to run out in. The sizing is generous so it fits loosely but can be adjusted with a belt which means it can fit a ton of different body types. Plus, pockets! Need I say more?

Hand Towel and Jewelry

2. Home Goods + Accessories

use “HGT15” for 15% off orders placed by 12/31/20

Karama Collection is an incredible company that works with small businesses in Africa and Haiti to create beautiful handcrafted pieces. I love the mission behind their company, and their products are incredibly high quality. Each piece has a story that goes along with it so you know what you are supporting and the artist behind it. Did I mention that everything is absolutely stunning?

Poster Hung with Magnetic Wooden Frame

3. Come Follow
Me Poster Subscription

10OFFYEAR: 10% off 1 year
25OFF: 25% off 1st month

I love ways to make our family devotional and scripture study more accessible and top of mind. This poster is actually a newspaper print! The design is so minimal and timeless. It’s a beautiful addition to any home and heart.

Three Graphic Tees

4. Graphic Tees

use “HOMEGROWN20” for 20% off orders placed by 11/15/20

Everyone loves a good graphic tee and Loopty Loo Designs makes incredible ones. The fit is phenomenal and balances comfort with style in a relaxed fit. The length is perfect for leaving out or tucking in, and the designs just can’t be beat!

Rose Gold Adidas Ultraboost Shoes for Women

5. Adidas Shoes

This year has been a rough one for everyone, but especially moms. I love the idea of giving gifts that help women feel like they can pamper themselves and achieve their goals. These Adidas Ultraboost hold up well over time and have so many color options.

Air Pods

6. Air Pods

Originally I was skeptical, but I wear and use my Air Pods every day. Any version of the Air Pods is awesome and I have at least one in my ear nearly all day. I can listen to audio books, podcasts, music, and take calls no matter where I am and still have one ear open for all the times my kids yell “Mom!”

Simple Modern Drink Tumblers

7. Water Bottle

It’s no secret that I use my Simple Modern Tumbler every day. It doesn’t leak when it tips over, so it’s perfect for moms on the go. The insulation is top notch and the sleek design is just the cherry on top.

Silk Pillowcases

8. Silk Pillowcase

If you have never used a silk pillow case, buckle up because it’s about to change your life. Silk pillowcases feel super luxurious and are beneficial for your skin and hair.

Hand Held Steamer

9. Steamer

I literally never iron. This steamer is my best friend. It’s so quick and easy to use. I use it for clothes, pillows, curtains and things that are hard to iron (aka everything).

Pizza Stone, Peel, and Cutter

10. Pizza Package

Every Friday we do a homemade pizza and movie night. Our pizza stone is so well loved! The pizza peel makes the process feel so gourmet and a solid pizza cutter just can’t be beat.

Madewell Crossbody Purse

11. Madewell Crossbody Purse

This is my favorite purse. I upgraded to this when I was done needing to haul around a huge diaper bag. It looks sleek and pairs perfectly with every outfit. The crossbody feature frees up your hands on the go. I have had it for a couple of years and it actually gets better over time. Not to mention, I get compliments every time I wear it.

Indian Healing Clay Mask

12. Charcoal Face Mask

Who doesn’t love a good spa day? This is actually a powder you can mix with water and as it dries it pulls impurities from your pores. It tightens and purifies your skin and this container can last for ages.

Gifts for Women Laid Out

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  1. Megan says:

    I ordered on Karama and I tried to go to the link
    But my phone gave a warning that the website is not secure and they could steal my personal information.

    When I went to the website itself I bought a couple items because I do like to support causes just like this one but I now feel worried. I hope my personal information isn’t stole.

  2. I had a yeti on my wishlist, but am now going to change it to the S|M tumbler- I bought one for my son after your testing and we love it! I also desperately need some airpods!

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