The Best Gifts for Men – 2020 Gift Guide

November 10, 2020

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Justin with Men's Gift Recommendations

The hard working men in our lives deserve the best gifts. However, it seems like men are really hard to shop for because they usually buy what they want when they want throughout the year. I brought in back up for this post and had Justin share what products he uses all the time that he would be thrilled to receive as a gift. Whether for your significant other, father, brother, or friend, you can find a gift for any man on any budget!

Andar Laptop and AirPod Cases with Leather Wallet

1. Wallet + Leather Goods

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Andar is your leather emporium for all things manly. They have cases for everything you can imagine. I constantly use the laptop case and the airpods case. I also love the wallet’s easy access tab to pull out your driver’s license or cards you use often.

2. Insulated Travel Cups

We love the variety of sizes and RTIC does a perfect job of keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. This insulated travel mug features an attached handle and comes in a bunch of colors.

Head Lamp and Batteries

3. Head Lamp

As an avid outdoorsman, and around the house, I like to have a headlamp to work on projects. You’ll be surprised how often you will use this!

Grilling Accessories in Case

4. Grilling Accessories

We love grilling at our house and this is my go-to kit. It has every tool a grilling master could need, plus it comes in a case that makes it look like you belong to the CIA.

Pickle Ball Paddle and Balls

5. Pickle Ball Package

Who doesn’t love pickle ball? Pickle ball is one of my favorite games to play (thanks Dad!). These paddles are perfect for beginner to moderate players. And these balls are the cream of the crop.

Charging Station with Phone, Watch, and AirPods

6. Charging Station

Sometimes you need something you don’t even know you need. This charging station was that for me. I can charge all of my everyday items at once while I sleep and they’re ready to go the next day.

White Under Armor Hat

7. Baseball Hat

I love Under Armor hats because they fit so well. The snug fit means it stays put. It’s moisture wicking so it’s also sweat-friendly.

Bug-A-Salt Gun

8. Bug-A-Salt Gun

Flies. If you can’t escape them, make a game out of their pestering. You actually load salt into the gun and you literally shoot a burst of salt at a fly. It sound ridiculous but it works and it is a lot of fun in the process.

RYOBI Collapsible Lawn and Garden Bag

9. Collapsible Lawn and Garden Bag

This is what you might call a yard helper extraordinaire. I use it every Saturday when I do yard work. These help lessen the burden of bags. You can load up any debris and transport it wherever you need.

Extendable Loppers

10. Extendable Loppers

Who doesn’t love a good lopper? We moved into a forrest and this is the only way we can keep our yard looking nice. These extend and are incredibly durable and versatile.

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