Our Carolina Room (Screened-In Porch): The Big Reveal!

September 3, 2021

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Our Carolina room reveal

Who’s ready for our Carolina room reveal?

We have worked so hard on this room over the past couple months and are so excited to finally be able to enjoy it in its full glory.

Our DIY outdoor sofa

If you’ve been following along on Instagram you saw our DIY outdoor table adventures, which gave us the confidence to go all out and build a DIY outdoor sectional, too! (We thought about building a coffee table to complete the setup, but ultimately decided to wait on that.)

Building our own furniture was a fun learning experience and saved us a ton of money. And since most outdoor furniture is out of stock or hard to get right now, it allowed us to furnish this room much sooner than if we tried to buy something online.

Once we finished building our table and outdoor sofa, we got to work adding the finishing touches, including these super affordable metal chairs, outdoor rug, and a few other accent pieces.

So today I’m sharing everything that has gone into furnishing and decorating our Carolina room, including links to each product!

1. DIY Outdoor Table

We detailed the whole process of building our DIY outdoor table on the blog already, so you can check out our post to see how it all went down. Overall it was a great route to take and we’re so happy with the results! I love that the table seats up to 12 people with ease and is perfect for hosting guests.

2. DIY Outdoor Sectional

DIY outdoor sofa

Once we finished the outdoor table, we decided to tackle the next big furniture piece for the room: a DIY outdoor sectional! This project got a little complicated as we made alterations to the design, but in the end it also turned out fabulous. I love it! We started by purchasing cushions online (replacement cushions for another outdoor sofa), and adjusted the sofa measurements accordingly so that the base would perfectly fit the cushions.

3. Metal Dining Chairs

metal dining chairs

These metal dining chairs are so durable and come at an amazing price point. I would recommend them to anyone looking for affordable seating for a large table, whether indoor or outdoor. They’re very kid-friendly, too.

4. Lantern Candle Holders

These lantern candle holders from Target are a great accent to our outdoor table. I use them to hold sweet-smelling Citronella candles and love the pretty glow they cast in the evening light.

5. Copper Pitcher

This copper pitcher is makes for such a pretty vase! I love going out to my yard to clip hydrangeas or other greenery before we have guests over—or any time, really. There’s nothing better than a fresh, free bouquet.

6. Outdoor Rug

This outdoor rug is really durable and the perfect compliment to our outdoor sofa. Just don’t let your kids cut cardboard with a box cutter on it like I did—it definitely suffered a few rips and tears after that event.

7. Upholstered Cubes

I had originally planned to build a coffee table to go in front of the sectional, but realized I wanted a more flexible, less heavy option. I found these upholstered cubes at Target and knew they’d be perfect as a foot rest or extra seating.

8. Throw Blanket

This is a cozy throw blanket I like to keep draped over the outdoor sofa. Then we can reach for it anytime the evenings get a little cool and breezy.

9. Windowpane Pillow

Carolina room pillows

I love having a few throw pillows to accent the cream backdrop of the outdoor sofa. This windowpane pillow comes in a cute pattern and matches well with our rug and sofa.

10. Tassel Pillow

This pillow has fun tassels that add texture and interest to the space!

11. Striped Pillow

I finished off my throw pillow trio with this classic striped pillow pattern.

12. Accent Table

Carolina room pot

This accent table is designed to look like a wood stump, but is actually made from cement—making it extra durable and ideal for our Carolina room.

13. Ridged Terra Cotta Pot

This ridged terra cotta pot may contain a fake plant, but no one has to know! I filled in the top with real dirt, and even I sometimes forget it’s not real.

14. White String Lights

These white string lights fit perfectly around the walls of our Carolina room. I like that the white color doesn’t distract from the vaulted ceiling.

Carolina room reveal

Now It’s Time to Enjoy Our Carolina Room!

After a long wait we are excited to finally enjoy many warm nights out in our Carolina room. Honestly, I feel like we’ll be living out here from now on! I hope you found a few new fun decor pieces for your own screened-in porch, or have been inspired to tackle your own DIY furniture project!

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