Long Jean Shorts Ultimate Review: Links + Rankings!

May 9, 2024

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 Brittney holding folded shorts

I LOVE doing extensive product reviews so I can discover the best of the best in any category — and then share them with all of you! I’ve reviewed insulated tumblers, mugs, camping chairs, white T-shirts, protein bars, and more. And now I’m doing the product review of all product reviews: long jean shorts!

As I’m sure many of you know, CUTE long jean shorts are hard to find. Honestly, there are just a lot of bad ones out there. Ones that are too juvenille, too mom-ish, too short, too long, etc. BUT when they’re good, they’re really good!

So naturally, I went on a quest to find the perfect pairs for every occasion. I tried on 27 pairs in total (yes, 27!) and I’m spilling my FULL review today!

What I’m Looking for in Long Jean Shorts: My Must-Haves

Long shorts come in all shapes and sizes. Some are snug and jeggings-like. Some are loose and soft. Some are stiff and thick. Of course, everybody has different preferences, but here’s how I define the perfect pair of long shorts:

  • Loose fit: I do NOT want really form-fitting jean shorts. They’re way too hot for North Carolina summers, and if I want to wear biker shorts, I’ll just wear biker shorts. I need some air flow!
  • Cute, intentional design: Long shorts can easily look like they were stolen from your husband’s or son’s closet. I’m not going for that look. I want them to look cute, put-together, and intentional.
  • Flattering and comfortable: I don’t wear shorts very often — I prefer breezy linen pants and dresses! I only wear shorts every once in a while, so I only need one or two pairs. For that reason I’m VERY picky about fit, comfort, and quality.

All right, now you know my criteria. Maybe it’s different from yours, or maybe you completely agree! Either way, I’ve found the shorts for you!

Best UNIQUE Denim Shorts: Free People We The Free Extreme Measures Barrel Shorts

Maybe you’ve heard of barrel jeans. But have you heard of barrel shorts? These Free People We The Free Extreme Measures Barrel Shorts ($128.00) are super unique and feel very intentional in the design. I actually love them! The legs bow out at the thigh and then taper back in, but I think they’re fun, flattering, and great if you want something different.

Best LIGHT WASH Denim Shorts: Anthropologie Unpublished Faye High-Rise Relaxed Longline Shorts

I absolutely LOVE the Anthropologie Unpublished Faye High-Rise Relaxed Longline Shorts ($101.00). They’re a little pricey, but they’re the perfect length for me and I love the light wash. They’re a great high rise and the raw hem is cute too. I like that they’re loose but not too baggy. They’re a home run jean short I will wear on repeat this summer!

Brittney holding folded long jean shorts

Best SPLURGE Denim Shorts: Nordstrom Citizens of Humanity Ayla Frayed Denim Shorts

I didn’t want to like the Nordstrom Citizens of Humanity Ayla Frayed Denim Shorts ($218.00) due to the high price tag, but I kind of do love them. I sized up for a looser fit and I love the high-quality denim. They’re a great length and a nice unfinished hem and mid-wash. Are they worth the price? Maybe not, but I do really like them.

Best BASIC Denim Shorts: Abercrombie Mid Rise 10″ Loose Short

No surprise I loved the Abercrombie Mid Rise 10″ Loose Short ($70.00)! I love Ambercrombie jeans these days and the shorts are the same. They have a great fit, no gaping on the waist, and could be dressed up or down. They’re a good basic that I’ll be adding to my closet.

Best BUDGET-FRIENDLY Denim Shorts: H&M Bermuda Regular Denim Shorts

I like these H&M Bermuda Regular Denim Shorts ($34.99) a lot! They’re a bit shorter than the other H&M pair but still longer than some on the list. They fit well, no gaping in the back, not too baggy and not too fitted.

jean shorts laying on a couch

Other Long Jean Shorts

Now that have the low-down on my top favorites. But there were still lots of other good ones in the bunch! Here’s the scoop on all the other jean shorts I tried.

My Favorite Long Jean Shorts

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