Best Insulated Mug Roundup + Reviews

March 5, 2024

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Brittney holding insulated mugs on the countertop

I love my 40-ounce Stanley and Simple Modern tumblers, but I also love having an insulated mug as my trusty sidekick. I carry one with me year-round! It’s my favorite way to keep my Perk Energy drinks (get 10% off with code HOMEANDKIND), or tea hot in the winter, or fruity drink mixes cold in the summer.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a product test, so I’m excited to give you the results of this one! Here’s how I selected the contenders.

My Testing Methodology

I decided to test 15 of the most popular insulated mugs. Each mug is between 14-20 ounces and has a lid, but otherwise they vary in design and style. Some fit in a cup holder, some have a handle, and some don’t. I wanted a variety of options to give you well-rounded results!

I also performed a temperature test by placing 12 ounces of boiling water into each insulated mug. I tested them hourly over six hours to check the temperature and find the mugs that kept drinks hot the longest.

Here are some of the other questions I had in mind during my review:

  • Does it leak?
  • Is it nice to hold?
  • Is it easy to drink from?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Would it fit in a cup holder?

So let’s get to it! Here are the TOP insulated mugs from my rigorous review and testing!

insulated mugs lined up on a countertop

Best Overall: RTIC 16 oz Coffee Travel Mug ($22.99)

To my surprise, I have to rate the RTIC 16 oz Coffee Travel Mug as the overall winner! It’s similar to my Simple Modern one but has a convenient handle. It’s dishwasher-safe, affordable, leak-proof, and easy to drink from. Though it didn’t perform as well on the temperature test, overall it’s a great basic travel mug at a great price!

Best Bang for Your Buck: Simple Modern Travel Coffee Mug ($17.99)

The 16-ounce Simple Modern Travel Coffee Mug is one of the most affordable options AND was one of the top winners from my temperature test. It has a sleek design and is leak-proof and dishwasher-safe. My only wish is that it had a handle. If it did, it would be the PERFECT mug!

Best for Keeping Things Hot: IRON °FLASK Grip Coffee Mug ($21.95)

The IRON °FLASK Grip Coffee Mug was the other frontrunner from my temperature test. It has a great sleek design, fits in a cup holder, and is completely leak-proof. I really love this mug! The one con is that it isn’t dishwasher-safe.

Honorable Mention: Swig Travel Mug ($36.95)

The Swig Travel Mug is one of my long-time favorites! I have several of them and love the handle and silicone base. It’s dishwasher-safe, leak-proof, and comes in tons of cute colors and patterns. Just keep in mind that the airflow isn’t the best, so not a lot of liquid comes out if you’re drinking without a straw. The only other downside is the very high price – I wish it was more affordable!

Honorable Mention: Contigo Streeterville Stainless Steel Mug ($13.98)

The 14-ounce Contigo Streeterville Stainless Steel Mug is very affordable and a great insulated mug for having around the house. It probably won’t fit in a cupholder and it’s not completely leak-proof, but it has a nice design and cute colors.

insulated mugs laying flat on a countertop

Other Insulated Mugs

  • YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug ($21.00): If you’re just drinking cold drinks at home, this is a decent option. However, it doesn’t fit in a cupholder and isn’t a great choice for keeping things hot.
  • Corkcicle Coffee Mug ($34.94): This is a pretty expensive mug that doesn’t fit in most cup holders. It is comfortable to hold and carry and has a nice matte finish and modern design.
  • Owala SmoothSip Coffee Tumbler ($24.99): I love Owala water bottles, but this mug isn’t a top favorite. It doesn’t have a lid that closes, so it’s not leak-proof at all. I do like the square-bottom design and feel like it’s nice to carry and drink out of.
  • Contigo Byron Travel Mug ($14.59): This is an affordable option that did well in my temperature test. It’s leak-proof and fits in a cup holder!
  • Ello Campy Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug ($17.99): I like the fun vintage camping cup design of this mug. It has a screw-on lid that’s completely leak-proof.
  • CamelBak Horizon 16oz Tumbler ($21.99): This dishwasher-safe mug is similar to the Simple Modern mug and fits in a cup holder. I wish it had a handle and it’s not leak-proof, so I’d choose the Simple Modern over this one.
  • BrüMate Toddy ($29.99): Like the Owala mug, this one has a square-shaped base and low handle, so it won’t fit in most cupholders. It’s a little expensive and the cup isn’t dishwasher safe (but the lid is). The design is a little clunky and difficult to clean.
  • TAL Stainless Steel Brew Coffee Mug ($12.98): This is the most affordable mug on the list and I love the nice curved handle. However, it’s not dishwasher-safe, leak-proof, or cup holder-friendly, and it didn’t perform well on the temperature test.
  • Thermos Stainless Steel Mug ($19.97): This 18-ounce mug is dishwasher-safe and fits in a cupholder. It’s easy to drink from but I don’t love the aesthetics, it didn’t perform well in the temperature test, and it’s the least leak-proof of any mug I tried.
  • Life’s Easy 20oz Stainless Steel Mug w/Handle ($22.49): I’ve had this mug for over a year. It’s tall and skinny, with a higher handle, so it fits in a cup holder. It holds 20 ounces and is dishwasher-safe. Mine has lost some of its insulation over time but it’s still an overall good option.

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