Laundry Room Reveal + Sources and Links

August 30, 2023

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Welcome to our new laundry room! This project certainly wasn’t as big of a makeover as our recent kitchen remodel, but I’m SO happy we finally had the chance to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Back when we remodeled our kitchen (about 9 months ago), I decided to order some additional IKEA cabinets to install in the laundry room. We already had some cabinets in there, but they didn’t go to the ceiling. I knew we could do more to maximize the space if we took the cabinets up to the ceiling and added some shelving, so that’s what we did!

This was a pretty quick project that has really made our laundry room a lot more useful. So let’s talk details!

laundry room from a side angle

How We Upgraded Our Laundry Room

We made a few key changes to this laundry room so it could better serve our family. First, we added more cabinet space for storing cleaning supplies, dryer sheets, laundry soap, etc. We used IKEA cabinet boxes and Nieu cabinet fronts, which saved us money while also giving a more customized look.

We also added a shelf for easy access to the laundry detergent and dryer sheets. Rather than reaching for a big box of detergent on the floor, I now display the detergent and sheets in some pretty acrylic storage containers right above the washing machine. Game-changer!

Laundry room shelf

We also upgraded our washing machine and dryer to a Speed Queen, which I have absolutely LOVED. These industrial-grade machines are known for lasting forever and never breaking down. So far so good!

Since all of our bedrooms are upstairs, we also added a spot for storing the kids’ socks and some of their sports and church shoes. (The rest of their shoes are in the garage.) It’s SO nice that they don’t have to make the trip back upstairs to get shoes whenever we’re rushing out the door to sporting events or church!

shoe storage on the laundry room door

Finally, we added some finishing touches like wall mount pegs and a hanging laundry bag, which is where I put kitchen dish rags, dirty socks I find lying around downstairs, etc.

Laundry Room Sources + Links

All in all, I’m so happy with how our laundry room turned out. It goes to show the power of organization and using a space well!

Here’s a list of everything we used for this project!

Cabinets and Laundry Machines

Brittney taking laundry out of the dryer

Shelving and Accessories

Jar full of clothespins

Laundry Supplies

detergent and dryer sheets on a shelf


An open cabinet full of supplies

Final Thoughts

It probably doesn’t look like a professional organizer came and did an overhaul of our laundry room, but I do think we’ve made the space a lot more useful for our family. I love looking at the pretty acrylic boxes and love having a designated space for everything. Overall, this was a pretty quick and simple project that has made a big impact on our everyday lives!

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