How to Organize your Kids’ Papers with Memory Books

August 6, 2019

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The amount of paper that comes into a house on any given day is pretty extraordinary – especially when you’ve got kids!  From finished assignments, to notes from the teacher, to incoming mail, to pictures and birthday cards, it seems overwhelming at times.

I created a system to organize my kids’ papers into memory books and it’s been a lifesaver!  I only have to deal with all the papers a couple times a year, and the special ones end up getting protected and placed into a book of keepsakes.

The reason I prefer binders over folder files is because binders make is SO easy for my kids to look through their books (and they do often). They can pull out the binders and flip through them without worry of things getting out of order or damaged.

I walk you through exactly how this system works in the video below:

Essentially, here’s the summary:

  • Have a place to keep papers that require action in a “to-do” tray and papers that just need to be filed in a “to-file” tray.
  • A couple times a year, take all the “to-file” papers and place them into piles based on where they need to be filed.
  • Use a 3″ binder with sheet protectors for each child’s Memory Book and add their keepsake papers to that book (cutting or folding them down to 8.5″ x 11″)
  • Use extended-width page dividers to separate ages or years in school.

My Memory Book Supplies

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  1. Molly Adams says:

    Thanks for sharing this system! The kid books seem straight forward, but I’d love to know more details about what sorts of items you keep in your family books.

  2. Jenna says:

    I can’t get the video for the kids organizational binders to work. It just buffers. Do you have another place to watch it? I can’t find it on insta but know you have shared it multiple times! Thanks in advance

  3. kristen says:

    i have a question about things that do no fit into the sleeves. also what about stuff like trophies or baby clothes or such? I’m trying to tackle six kids worth of stuff that is just shoved in big plastc bins. ugh

  4. Jody Rugg says:

    What is in your family memory books?

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