5 Tips for Swimming With Your Kids at the Pool

August 8, 2019

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Taking kids to swim at the pool is a great way to spend those hot summer days.  But it can also be a little overwhelming and chaotic.  We spend a ton of time at our neighborhood pool in the summer and I am sharing my top 5 swimming tips with you.  I’m also including all of my favorite pool bag essentials.

TIP 1: Have your pool bag ready to go

Sometimes trips to the pool are last minute, so I try to always have my pool bag packed and ready to go.

This pop-up organizer from Smart Design is the best pool bag I’ve ever had! It’s compact and easy to store, holds a TON of stuff, has padded heavy-duty handles, and a bunch of mesh pockets on the inside and out.

If you need even more space for towels, life jackets, etc a blue IKEA checkout bag is a great option and only a couple dollars.

I keep my favorite, no-fuss sunscreen in a clear zipper bag and our toys in mesh drawstring bags.  Scroll through below to see all of my top picks!

My Pool Bag Essentials

TIP 2: Eat a meal at the pool

In the summer it feels like the house is a constant mess, so any meals we can eat out of the kitchen are a bonus!

If we head to the pool around lunch or dinner, I typically fill our favorite snack tray with whatever fruits, veggies, crackers, rolls, etc that we have around.  This is also a great way to clean out leftovers in your fridge and pantry.  My kids are always hungry when they swim so they’ll eat whatever I pack.

I also make sure to throw a few water bottles in our pool bag to keep everyone hydrated.

Eating at the Pool Essentials

TIP 3: Swim in the evening

When I had several kids who couldn’t swim confidently, I would opt to swim in the evening a lot more.  Having my husband join us and help out felt a lot more doable.  There were also other unexpected perks.  We didn’t need sunscreen because the pool was shaded by that time of day.  There also seemed to be fewer people at the pool so it didn’t feel as chaotic.

If you’ve never gone for an evening swim, give it a try!  You just might love it.

PS The most flattering swimsuit on so many body types is this one I’m wearing (I’ve got it in 3 colors, it’s that good).

TIP 4: Shower at the pool

I can’t shout the praises of having a quick shower at the pool enough.  Yes, it takes a little extra time and effort when you might be ready to leave.  But it saves you SO much time vs having everyone go home and individually bath or shower.  It also rinses off the kids swimsuits and saves everyone an extra set of towels at home.

Coming home with clean kids ready to get into their jammies or clothes is the best!  Totally worth the extra little effort.

I always keep kids body wash, shampoo and conditioner in my pool bag.

Showering Pool Bag Essentials

TIP 5: Have hooks to hang pool bag and wet towels on

Hooks are a mom’s best friend.  Truly.  They make organization in any part of the home a breeze!  We lined an entire wall of our garage with these heavy-duty black hooks.

When we pull in after coming back from the pool, I have my kids hang up their towels on their way inside the house.  I also throw the pool bag up there and we’re ready to go for our next swim outing!

My mom gifted all the kids these cute personalized towels for their birthdays last year.  They’re from Personalization Mall.

I hope these tips for swimming at the pool with kids are helpful!  If you have any additional tips to add, I’d love to hear them in the comments.

I like to hang out on Instagram and share more in-depth tutorials on everything I make, create, and organize.  Come be a part of our Home & Kind Instagram community.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Great ideas. I’ve been wanting to do something simular in our garage. Could you update the link for the hooks? It doesn’t seem to be working.

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