Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

March 26, 2019

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Have you ever wondered how to make a clean, natural hand soap that actually works?  Not only is this recipe simple and effective, it is very affordable and will likely save you money on hand soap in the long run.

Lately, I’ve been more aware of all the harsh chemicals that are in SO many things in my home.  From cleaning products, to beauty products, to food, they’re everywhere.  While I’m not about to do a huge overhaul and throw everything out, I’m making simple changes and swaps that will make a big impact over time.

One of my guiding principle in life is to simplify.  I am drawn to minimalism and essentialism and feel the need to cut through all the clutter and go back to the basics!  That includes replacing chemical-heavy products with simple, homemade cleaning and beauty products when it makes sense.

The first thing I’ve swapped out is our hand soap.  Making your own clean hand soap is as easy as pouring three ingredients into a soap dispenser.  I also love that since I keep the bulk ingredients on-hand, it’s easy to refill in seconds.

What you’ll need:

Foaming soap dispensers

Castille soap

Distilled water

Essential oil (for fragrance)

Soap dispensers, castille soap, essential oil and distilled water on a table

Step 1: Fill soap dispensers 2/3 of the way full with distilled water

Soap dispensers, castille soap, essential oil and distilled water on a table

Step 2: Fill the rest of the dispenser with castille soap (leaving about 1/2″ at the top)

Pouring castille oil into soap dispenser

Step 3: Top with 5-6 drops of essential oils for fragrance (grapefruit is my favorite)

Dropping essential oils into a soap dispenser

Step 4 (optional): Label soap dispenser

I love the look of a retro label on these soap dispensers so I used my handy label maker and created some.

Soap dispenser with label maker

This cost me about $2.77 per filled soap dispenser.  Since I’ll just refill the bottles once they’re empty, it will be under $1 for each refill.

Foaming soap in hand

I can’t wait to share more easy homemade cleaning and beauty products with you.

What I Used

I like to hang out on Instagram and share more in-depth tutorials on everything I make, create, and organize.  Come be a part of our Home & Kind Instagram community.

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