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Gifts for a Favorite Things Party: 2023 Gift Guide

November 10, 2023

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Do you participate in a favorite things party during the holiday season? They’re so fun! I included some of my very favorite things in this gift guide that any recipient would be excited to receive. I also included several different price points because I know every favorite things party is formatted a little differently and has a unique budget.

Gifts for a Favorite Things Party

Favorite things gift guide roundup
  • Swig Mug with a variety pack of Perk Energy: My very favorite morning ritual, especially in the colder seasons, is a hot cup of Perk Energy each morning. I love to sip it all morning and it stays hot for hours in the insulated Swig Mug. This pair makes such a fun gift! Get 10% off at Perk with code HOMEANDKIND.
  • Exfoliating soap and a Billie Razor: If you’re ready to give someone the best shave of their life – this is the perfect gift. The exfoliating soap prepares the skin and loosens dead skins cells. The effortless glide of the Billie Razor will get a really close shave leaving your legs silky smooth!
  • Ozark Trails Tumber and a McDonald’s gift card: This hack is always a huge hit when I share it! If you didn’t know, McDonald’s makes the best Diet Coke (and other sodas) for a myriad of reasons. But it doesn’t stay cold very long because of the plastic cup. Here’s where the Ozark Trails tumbler comes into play. The large McDonald’s cup fits perfectly inside and will keep your drink ice cold for hours!
  • Goodr sunglasses and visor clips: Goodr sunglasses are universally flattering. They look good on literally everyone. I also love that they’re more sporty and stay put even if you’re in the ocean, riding a bike, or running. Pair those with a fun sunglasses visor clip and you’ve made a great gift practical.
  • Strawberry Slicer: Truth be told, this slicer does way more than slice strawberries, but that’s what we use it for most. It can also effortlessly slice hard-boiled eggs, bananas, etc. It’s way more durable than the wire ones as well.
  • Swedish dish cloths and a spray bottle: Replace paper towels with these amazing reusable and washable swedish dish cloths! Pair them with a cute spray bottle for the best earth-friendly gift combo.
  • Clothing folder: My son bought this clothing folder and the whole family gets use out of it! You’ll have perfectly folded shirts, shorts, pants, etc. It makes family laundry day a breeze.
  • Zipper pouches and a label maker: This pack of zipper pouches can be used for so many things! Organizing art supplies, crafts, makeup, toys, games, cards, sunscreen, lotions, etc. Pair them with a label maker for a fun organization themed gift.
  • Trader Joe’s sunscreen and coconut body butter: Trader Joe’s has some great skincare products that a lot of people don’t know about! I particularly love their facial sunscreen (just like Goop! but a fraction of the price) and the coconut body butter.

Gifts for a Favorite Things Party

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