Best Sweatsuit Roundup: 12 Top Sweatsuits

November 29, 2023

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My sister recently sent out a group text to the family asking for recommendations on the BEST sweatsuit. After we texted back and forth for a bit, I realized this was a mission I had to take on. What is the best sweatsuit the internet has to offer us these days?

In my opinion, the best sweatsuit should be soft, slightly loose, flattering, and reasonably priced. It should be the outfit you want to throw on as soon as you get home (or maybe lounge in all weekend!), and keep you warm and cozy on chilly winter nights.

So, I set out on a quest to find the best of the best. And now I’m sharing my results with you!

a stack of sweatsuits on the floor of Brittney's bedroom

1. Best Basic Sweatsuit: Abercrombie Essential Sunday Sweatpants ($70) and Raglan Classic Sunday Crew ($50)

I have and love the Essential Sunday Sweatpants ($70) and Essential Raglan Classic Sunday Crew ($50) from Abercrombie! The pieces are sold separately but they are a matching set and come in tons of different colors. They are everything you need in a pair of sweatpants. The pants are super cozy on the inside, have great pockets and a drawstring waist, and quality material. The top is cozy and flattering and comes in a nice, relaxed fit. It’s a winning sweatsuit!

2. Best Bang for Your Buck Sweatsuit: Walmart Athletic Works Women’s Soft Joggers ($15.98) and Soft Hoodie ($15.98)

I had heard people compare the Walmart Athletic Works Women’s Soft Joggers ($15.98) and Athletic Works Women’s Soft Hoodie($15.98) to Vuori or Tommy John. Given the cheap price, I was VERY curious to try it out for myself! And I must say, I am very pleasantly surprised. The pants have a nice thick waistband, a tie front, and pockets with a silky inside. The sweats are buttery soft but not too thin.

The top is VERY similar to the one I have from Tommy John — it’s a longer length with a slit and is so cozy and cute. It has a soft, warm interior and a hood. Overall it’s not a super thick and warm sweatsuit, but great for layering and very comfortable! If you’re going for bang for your buck, this is the one I’d recommend.

3. Best Oversized Sweatsuit: Amazon ANRABESS Sweatsuit Set ($49.99)

This ANRABESS Women Sweatsuit Set comes as one set all together, so you don’t have to buy each individual piece. It’s actually really amazing! It’s fleece-lined, so it’s really warm. The fit is oversized and perfect for a cold, rainy day. It has a boyfriend fit and is a casual, easy outfit but is still flattering. This would be amazing for snuggling up by the fire on a chilly night!

4. Best Structured Sweatsuit: Uniqlo Women’s Sweatpants ($39.90) and Sweatshirt ($39.90)

Uniqlo always has really great basics at great prices. This is a lightweight sweatsuit with a terry cloth lining (not fleece). It’s not extremely warm, but could be good for cooler fall evenings. These Women’s Sweatpants are very basic, but come with a nice fit and no extra bunching. They’re not too tight or too loose, and they are true to size. I sized down in the Unisex Sweatshirt and the fit is just right. Sometimes I feel like the sleeves are too long in unisex sizing, but that isn’t a problem here!

5. Overall Winner: Gap High Rise Boyfriend Joggers ($49.99) and Vintage Soft Raglan Sweatshirt ($49.95)

This Gap sweatset is definitely “the one” for me! It’s absolutely everything I think of when I want a cozy sweatsuit. It’s comfortable, the color is beautiful, and super qulity. The High Rise Boyfriend Joggers are flattering and simple. They have elastic at the bottom and in the waist, so you don’t have to deal with a drawstring. The Vintage Soft Raglan Sweatshirt is the true winner here. It has a velvet detail with a “G” on it that is very subtle but a little special and high-end. It’s the perfect fit and has a great length — not too cropped and not too long. It can be tucked in but still has nice shape. This is a good one, folks!

Brittney sitting with piles of sweatpants and sweatshirts on either side of her

6. Target All In Motion Women’s Fleece Joggers ($25) and Half Zip Fleece Pull Over ($25)

The All In Motion Women’s Fleece Joggers have a nice fleece lining on the inside and a drawstring top. They’re more of a lightweight jogger — not super warm or super flattering. I feel like they’re just okay compared to some of the others on this list. The All In Motion Women’s Half Zip Fleece Pull Over is a little too cropped for my taste. I feel like I would always be worried about it coming up in the back and it wouldn’t keep me as warm. Overall this is a pass for me.

7. Lululemon Scuba High-Rise Jogger Full Length ($118) and Oversized Funnel-Neck Half Zip ($118)

Lululemon sizes seem to run a little small, in my opinion. Or maybe they’re just meant to be very fitted. If you’re going for a tailored, fitted look, the Scuba High-Rise Jogger Full Length and Scuba Oversized Funnel-Neck Half Zip are it. These pants have a tuxedo line down the side and a rounded seam on the back. The top is cropped and oversized, with a half-zip funnel neck. (You can also get a version with a hood). These pieces have nice details but are definitely more of a splurge, at $118 per piece! Is it worth it for the set? That’s up to you, I guess!

8. Amazon BTFBM Sweatsuit ($47.99)

This BTFBM Sweatsuit comes as a set, so it’s quite reasonably priced. It looked really cute online, but I’d say it’s just okay. It’s almost like a thick, silky yoga pant material. It’s more like athletic wear — it’s not comfy and cozy. I don’t love the bottoms, which have more of a straight leg. Overall I don’t think it’s very flattering and I don’t love the material.

9. Old Navy Extra High-Waisted Jogger Sweatpants ($34.99) and Relaxed Crew Neck Sweatshirt ($34.99)

This is a really great, basic sweat set. The Extra High-Waisted Jogger has an elastic waist and elastic at the bottom. It has a drawstring front and pockets. The set is pretty lightweight, which could be nice if you tend to overheat. There’s nothing extra special about this set, but the price is reasonable — and you can almost always get them on sale! The Relaxed Crew Neck Sweatshirt is not as cropped on me as it looked in the photo. It’s a lightweight fleece-lined sweatshirt that makes for a good basic!

10. Aerie OFFLINE By Aerie Cloud Fleece Jogger ($59.95) and Cloud Fleece Sweatshirt ($69.95)

I love Aerie for athletic wear, loungewear, and swimsuits! I really love the OFFLINE By Aerie Cloud Fleece Jogger and OFFLINE By Aerie Cloud Fleece Sweatshirt. The sweats are super cozy and worn-in feeling, with a great fabric and great shape. The top is a little too oversized and has thumb holes, which I don’t really use. The length feels a little too long and unflattering because of the pocket in the front.

11. Amazon Fixmatti Women Hoodies Tracksuit ($49.99)

This Fixmatti Women Hoodies Tracksuit from Amazon is definitely not it for me. It’s much more peachy colored in person and the color doesn’t look great on me. It feels like an athleisure outfit more than a sweatsuit — it’s silky and a bit stretchy. The wide legs are comfortable, but the fit is not great and I just feel like there are better options.

Happy Shopping!

I came away from this research project realizing there are quite a few great sweatsuit options out there — it just depends on your budget and individual preferences. For me, the Gap sweatsuit is a clear frontrunner. But no matter your personal taste, I’m sure you’ll find a winner among these options! Happy shopping!

The Best Sweatsuits

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