6 Boredom Boxes for Kids

May 27, 2021

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6 boredom boxes for kids

Can you believe the end of the school year is almost here? My kids will be out of school in just a few weeks, meaning summer is upon us. And boredom boxes are here to save the day!

Students have only been going to school in-person for a couple of months here in Raleigh. So this year I’m really feeling the need to gear up for summer break—both mentally and physically!

These boredom boxes are just one of the ways I’m hoping to combat that inevitable cry of boredom from my kids over the summer.

What Are Boredom Boxes?

A boredom box is just what it sounds like: a box for kids to pull out when they’re looking for entertainment this summer. The possibilities for boredom boxes are endless. You could put together a LEGO box, weaving box, puzzle box…whatever you think might keep your kids busy for a good chunk of time!

Why I Love Boredom Boxes

Over the years, I’ve learned that sometimes I simply need to repackage something to make it more enticing to my kids. And these boredom boxes are a perfect illustration of that principle.

Just like the healthy snack trays I like to put out after school, these boredom boxes contain a lot of things we already have around the house—they’re just put into a convenient package that makes them more appealing. When they’re looking for something to do, they know they can easily pop open a boredom box and have quick (screen-free!) entertainment.

I love that they’re affordable, flexible, and easy to put together. You’ll spend a bit of time planning them out, but the payoff will carry on throughout the whole summer!

How to Make a Boredom Box

Making boredom boxes is pretty simple. Plan out a theme for each box, pick up storage boxes and supplies, and then assemble. That’s it! Then have them ready to go for your kids whenever they’re bored over the summer.

I used Walmart+ to order all of the supplies I needed for my boredom boxes, which made the process SO easy! I just added everything to my cart on the Walmart app and enjoyed free delivery from my store. ($35 minimum. Some restrictions apply.)

There are a bunch of different delivery and shipping methods depending on when you need your items, and you can even get the delivery fee waived as a W+ member. (Though you will still need to pay the $10 express fee.) I love that you can find everything you’re looking for in one place, including art supplies, Play-Doh, toys, and more.

Here are the six boredom boxes I put together for my kids this summer:

1. Craft Box

craft boredom box

This box contains everything the kids need for crafting. I even included scissors and glue so they don’t have to go hunting for them when they’re ready to create. Obviously there are lots of ways to assemble a craft box. Just include the supplies you think your kids will enjoy most!

2. Snail Mail Box

snail mail boredom box

I love it when my kids send cards to their friends and family that live in other states. I included stickers and gum in this boredom box, too. Stickers can be used to decorate the card, or a sheet of stickers can be mailed along with their letter. I also think it’s fun to send a stick of gum along with the letter. (Little kids get so excited about it!)

3. Cupcake Play Dough Box

play dough boredom box

My kids will be so excited about this box! I bought silicone muffin baking cups for them to build a Play-Doh cupcake, along with all the accessories they need to top it with. It’s baking without the hassle!

4. Wood Painting Box

painting boredom box

My kids love to paint, so I gathered wooden shapes and rocks for them to get creative with this summer. I made sure to include the plates and paintbrushes to make setup and cleanup easier. If you have younger kids, you’ll probably want to supervise this activity (or try watercolor paints!)

5. Ocean Water Beads Box

ocean water beads box

I bought a big multi-pack of water beads for this boredom box, then picked out the blue and green ones for my kids to create their own little ocean adventure. Water beads are a fun sensory activity for kids of all ages—even the older kids will have fun with this one.

6. Activity Books Box

activity book boredom box

This is a simple boredom box idea that includes a few things we already had around the house. Put the activity books in a box with crayons and pens, and suddenly they’re new again! I picked up some fresh activity books I know my kids will love, so they should stay busy with them for quite awhile.

Make Your Own Boredom Boxes This Summer

These six ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to boredom boxes. Think about your kids’ interests, brainstorm a few ideas, and with the help of Walmart+, you can put them together in one afternoon.

Next time your kids complain about being bored, you’ll have a great trick up your sleeve!

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