Walmart Back-to-School Essentials

August 12, 2021

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Walmart Back to School Essentials

Back-to-school season is upon us, and I thought it would be fun to share a few tips on how to prepare for the new school year.

If your family is anything like ours, you’re probably in need of a refresh on some school supplies. Fortunately, these Walmart back-to-school essentials are affordable, quality products that will hold up all year.

And another perk? You can easily order all of these supplies online and get free shipping straight to your door ($35 minimum) or pick them up curbside without leaving the car ($35 minimum). Online ordering is a beautiful thing for this season of my life—it saves me so much time!

So here you have it: Some of my favorite Walmart finds for this back-to-school season!

1. Everest Backpacks

I always love when I can buy my kids the same thing in different colors, so I was happy to find these streamlined Everest backpacks in a wide range of color options. I chose black, burgundy, gray, and navy for my kids. These backpacks expand on the bottom and have a roomy side pocket for easy water bottle access. They also have plenty of room in the center and a back pouch for storing a device or folders.

2. Backpack Essentials Kit

After adding organizational kits to my car and purse, I realized I should do the same for my kids. I used a simple Hefty slider bag to create a small essentials kit for their backpacks. Now they’ll always have a few handy items around when they need them!

Here’s what I put inside:

3. Our 3-Part Lunch System

As my kids are getting older they eat more food at lunch, and the small bento lunch boxes just don’t cut it. So I came up with a new lunch box system that has worked really well for our family for the past few years. It’s affordable, convenient, and keeps everyone happy!

  • Insulated lunch box: I always look for an insulated lunch box that has a pocket for a water bottle, and has some structure to it (so food doesn’t get crushed inside). I love that this one has enough room to fit our lunch containers, has an outside zipper for an ice pack, and a handle with a buckle on top.
  • Takeya water bottle: My kids have used Takeya water bottles for years because they never leak and stay cold all day long. They even come with a removable rubber grip on the bottom that can serve as a coaster and keeps it from spilling. I use the 14 oz size for my younger kids and the 18 oz for older kids.
  • Easy lunch boxes: These affordable lunch containers are the perfect size for a typical insulated lunch box. You can buy them in a set and have plenty on hand for washing every day. We like to prepare sandwiches in advance, put them in the freezer, and then pull them out for easy lunch preparation in the morning. The sandwich fits well in the bigger section, then we add crackers, fruits, and vegetables to the smaller sections.

Order Your Back-to-School Essentials from Walmart

Those are my three Walmart back-to-school essentials! You can order all of these supplies online through Walmart, making it easy to get ready for the new school year that is swiftly approaching.

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