Virtual Learning: 4 Tips to Make it Successful

December 7, 2020

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I’m curious how many of you have kids who are in school versus virtual learning. It seems like each state has different regulations. For us, our kids started off virtual, but our youngest two are now back to in-person school full time. With the current state of things, it’s really uncertain what the schooling situation will look like from month to month, let alone week to week, so today I’m sharing four virtual learning tips for school at home that have helped us feel prepared for anything.

Tip #1: Have Stations

My first tip is to create different stations. We have a school room, but this can really be done in different parts of the home, too. My kids will sit at a desk for a while, but they can get antsy after a while and a change of scenery seems to be just what they need to keep going.

We have all of our toys in our school room, so they are able to give their brain a break and play if they need. We also have a reading station which is a comfy bed they can lounge on. We have two desks that we made earlier this year as well as a mini trampoline (for when the day really needs a pick me up!).

Play and Reading Stations

Tip #2: Use Noise-Reducing Earmuffs

Another thing that’s helpful if you are all in the same space (because it gets really loud and chaotic) is having some type of noise-reducing ear muffs. 3M Kids Hearing Protectors are a great tool to reduce background noise. My kids can focus on school work, reading or projects when there are less noisy distractions. The earmuffs have comfortable padded ear cups and help to create the peace and quiet they need even when the environment around them is anything but. The flexible headband is so easy to adjust, meaning we can use them through the years as my kids continue to grow.

3M Noise Protection Headphones

Tip #3: Have a Supply Cart

This was previously my art cart, and I still have some supplies in there, but it has morphed into a place where we put any extra notebooks or paper. I love that it’s on wheels that it can move to wherever they are sitting. If they ever need any markers or glue or scissors, they know exactly where to look to find it.

Supply Cart

Tip #4: Have a Crate for Each Person

My last tip is just to keep things organized – it has saved me a lot of headache! Each kid has their own crate to keep their stuff in. I love bins with handles because it is easier to move around when things get heavy. We keep all of their papers in the same spot, and if they are looking for something, it’s typically in there. Anything that is used by all of them, like chargers and chords, is in a communal crate.

It has been a tough year! Hopefully 2021 will look much different, but at least we can all get through this together! What virtual learning tips have you discovered that have made this year bearable?

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