My Favorite HP Printer + Ink Program

July 16, 2021

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HP printer recommendation

In a world of QR codes, PDFs, and e-receipts, I suppose some people can get by without owning a printer. But I am not one of those people! I absolutely love having a reliable printer at home and use it all the time for printing worksheets, gift tags, calendars, etc.

So today I’m finally getting around to sharing what I love about my printer and the ink program that comes along with it. This is not a sponsored post—I just love it too much not to share!

HP ENVY Pro 6455

Why I Love the HP ENVY Pro 6455 Printer

There are so many perks to the HP Envy Pro 6455. Here are just a few of my favorite features:

  • Not too expensive (I think I paid about $150, which I think is well worth it for the functionality and quality!)
  • Sleek and minimal design
  • Doesn’t take up too much space
  • Tons of functions: You can scan, send a fax, print in color or B+W, print photos, print on card stock, etc.
  • Extremely reliable (never breaks down)

I have been using HP printers for more than a decade, and they have always been very dependable!

The HP Printer Ink Program I Can’t Live Without

I can’t forget to share my absolute favorite part about the HP Envy Pro printer: It’s compatible with HP Instant Ink, which is a totally genius ink subscription program.

This program allows you to save tons of money on printer ink by sending you cartridges before you run out. The technology tracks how much ink you’re using and automatically ships you a new cartridge when you’re running low.

HP Instant Ink has really been a game-changer for me. I used to run out of ink and scramble off to the store to pay top-dollar for a new cartridge. Sometimes I even ended up spending $50-$100 at once—but now I only spend a few dollars a month on ink! Hard to believe, right?

HP allows you to choose the subscription plan to perfectly suit your printing needs. (15 pages/month is only $0.99/month, totaling $12 a year. 100 pages/month is about $5/month totaling $72 a year.) So you always have just the right amount of ink, ready for use at any time. I can’t talk it up enough!

Sign Up for HP Instant Ink

Again, this is not a sponsored post, but I do have a friends and family discount for anyone who wants to sign up for HP Instant Ink subscription program. Use my link to get a free month!

If you’re like me and always using your printer for reward charts, gift tags, and other printables, I highly recommend this setup:

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