Pre-Teen Girls Room Reveal

January 31, 2020

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My 11-year-old daughter got her own bedroom when we moved about 6 months ago, and we’ve finally been able to put some time and effort to make it her own.

The room is on the smaller side, but she loves having her own space.  We were having a hard time figuring out a good layout for the room because of the windows, closet and door.  The twin bed seemed to take up the whole room, no matter where we put it.

Finally, we realized that the room would function so much better if we switched to a daybed!  We had a nice big wall to put it up against and we’re so happy with how it turned out.  It opened the whole room up and gave more space in the middle for playing and moving around.

We attempted to complete this entire room from top to bottom in one day.  It ended up taking about a day and a half (and boy, was I exhausted) but we had so much fun doing it together.

We started out by taking everything out and painting the room “Gallery White” by Behr.  I always choose an eggshell finish so that it’s easy to clean but not super shiny (don’t ever go with matte – it shows every single fingerprint).

My favorite part of the room is easily the 40″x50″ framed piece of artwork from Juniper Print Shop. I’m not great with choosing and investing in art, but when I saw this piece, I knew it was perfect. I ordered the Lowland print and an Ikea Bjorksta frame and voila – the perfect, affordable piece of framed art. For a piece this size, under $200 is a steal of a deal.

I wanted to make sure my daughter felt like this room was a reflection of her. She helped me put the whole thing together, from researching different elements of the room, to painting walls and setting up the bed. This little photo wall was totally her idea! She loves looking at pictures and found this fun photo garland to hang. I went through all our old pictures and chose a bunch to print on these cute mini polaroids.

My daughter really wanted a little desk area and we hung a couple cork boards above it for her to pin up some of her favorite pictures and notes. The cute faux fiddle fig tree in the corner adds the perfect amount of green.

The closet is pretty simple. We have an Ikea dresser in there, her clothes hamper, and hanging shirts and dresses. We also added 5 rope baskets on the top shelf and labeled them with chalkboard tags. I’m SO excited about these because like many kids, my daughter has a hard time keeping her room clean. She is super creative and loves to play with a lot of different things. So instead of requiring her to put all those things back around the house, she’s got baskets to put them in. Once the baskets are full, then she can empty them. They’re labeled with tags like “stuffed animals”, “crafts”, “little people”, “keepsakes” and “trophies”.

We’re loving the space and I’m excited that this will be a room my daughter can love and grow into for years.

Pre-Teen Girls Room Sources

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