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February 16, 2021

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Building a Marble Race with MagTrax

I love finding toys that will entertain my kids for hours on end. There are a few classics that my kids will use month after month, year after year, and MagTrax is top of the list. We first fell in love with MagTrax as part of our Holiday Gift Guide, and they are still going strong several months later!

MagTrax Kit

MagTrax is basically a marble run that you can build directly on the wall. With magnets and sticky putty, you can attach the trax to any surface in your home without any damage. You can also put up a metal sheet to keep it simple for younger kids. The possibilities are literally endless. It’s fun for all ages and a great family activity to do together.

The magenetic MagTrax wall attachment

My boys recently made a little contraption that will turn off their light. The instructions and all the pieces they needed were included in the kit. It was simple enough they could complete it on their own, which made them feel so accomplished!

Kids Building with MagTrax

They attached the lever to a string. When the lever is pulled, the marble is released down the wall, flipping the switch to the off position. How clever! As a mom, nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids be creative AND screen-free at the same time. But, for those days when they are feeling a little competitive, we love setting up marble races to settle the sibling rivalry.

A MagTrax Marble Run

I’m sure you’re wondering which set you should get. The truth is, you can’t go wrong with any size. We have a large silver set and a medium black set, but you can build so much with either. Just consider the size of your play area and how many kids will be using the set.

Ok, you’re convinced and want a MagTrax set of your own? Fantastic choice! You can now get four extra 8″ pieces when you purchase within the next 48 hours using HKBONUS.

Building a run with an 8" MagTrax

Once you build your first run, come back and tell me how it went! The only trouble you’re going to have is loving MagTrax more than your kids!

This post is sponsored by MagTrax. Thank you for supporting content that keeps Home & Kind going!

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