How to Save Time with Walmart+

October 15, 2020

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I feel like I am always trying to streamline my systems and create shortcuts that will allow me to spend less time on chores and more on the activities I love. One of the tasks I never seem to have time for is grocery shopping (especially if I am lugging kids with me and fielding the “Mom can we get this?!” question every .3 seconds). No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to do it quickly. We’ve been doing Walmart Pickup for years. It’s great because they do all of the shopping and even bring it out to your car. However, because we don’t live extremely close to a Walmart the travel time there and back adds up.


I just signed up for Walmart+ because it includes free unlimited delivery ($35 minimum, restrictions apply)! Cue the heavens opening and a chorus of angels descending. Trust me, I’m not even being overly dramatic, this is truly heaven-sent. This is a different kind of membership that is changing the grocery shopping game, and I could not be more excited to jump on the bandwagon.

Today I’m putting it to the test by ordering my first grocery delivery through Walmart+. In fact, it’s actually my first grocery delivery *ever*. This is uncharted territory, but I’m loving it! I’m stocking up on some Halloween things and getting ready to make my Halloween Trail Mix. It’s a tradition in our family to make some to deliver to neighbors (and devour ourselves, of course). You can get everything you need from Walmart, and be sure to look into Walmart+ in your area since some restrictions apply. I’m short on time today, so I’ll be having the supplies delivered along with some other provisions to make it through the next few days. 

Halloween Trail Mix

The Ordering Process

It took me less than five minutes to order everything I needed. I love that I can get both perishable and non-perishable goods. Walmart typically carries a wide variety of things anyway, so it’s great to add odds and ends that you may need around the house as well at the same everyday low prices we all know and love. It’s a win-win! You can also choose to allow substitutions so you aren’t left without something that is essential. 

Walmart+ Delivery

The Benefits

Delivery isn’t the only benefit of Walmart+, you can also save 5 cents on every gallon of fuel from Walmart or Murphy stations with the member prices on fuel benefit and enjoy a contact-less checkout from your phone for a faster experience in stores with the mobile scan & go benefit.

Walmart+ Cost

You can pay month to month for $12.95 or choose to pay annually for $98 yearly. The annual membership is a huge savings and amounts to about $2 per week over the course of a year! When you factor in the cost of travel and all of the things you end up buying that you don’t need when you shop in store, it not only saves time but also money! When you shop online, you can be so much more intentional about the items that make it to your cart. And have I mentioned that there is no delivery fee as long as your order is over $35! How does something this amazing exist?

When I think about all of the time I will save, I feel like I’ve entered a the level of luxury in life without the price tag to match! Walmart+ has certainly become my new fairy godmother. With a wave of its wand and a bippity-boppity-boo, I’m sure you’ll love it too! Which part of the membership you are the most excited about?

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