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Easy Host or Hostess Gift Idea

February 24, 2022

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Flat-rate envelope and hostess gift

I love coming up with easy gift ideas for any occasion, and today I’m sharing a simple hostess gift idea that’s super easy to put together.

In fact, this gift has broad enough appeal that you could really send it to anyone on any occasion!

What Makes This a Great Hostess Gift?

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with a gift idea for someone who has been a gracious host. Shipping can be expensive and it’s tricky to fit items in a small package.

Fortunately, this gift can easily fit in a flat-rate shipping envelope, so you’ll never have to worry about spending a ton on postage. (Stock up on flat-rate envelopes so you can skip the line at the post office!)

Flat rate envelope, pot holders, chocolate bar, wooden spoons, thank you note, and ribbon.

Assembling Your Hostess Gift

  • Pot holders: Couldn’t everybody use a new set of potholders? I feel like they’re something that always gets dirty, burned, or stained. I love this set from the Hearth & Home line at Target!
  • Wooden spoons: Wooden spoons are another thing that are always nice to have around. They always seem to crack or break! These ones can are pretty enough to display and can double as salad servers, too.
  • Chocolate bar: Tony’s Chocolonely bars come in super fun package and they are SO delicious. I chose the Milk Chocolate Pretzel flavor to fit in with my blue theme. (Note: If you’re sending the package during the summer and live in a hot climate (or are sending the package to a hot climate), the chocolate bar could melt en route.)
  • Thank you card: Don’t forget to include a note telling the host or hostess why you’re grateful for them! Be specific—your words will mean so much to them.
  • Ribbon: I love tying up gifts with pretty chiffon ribbon. This kind of attention to detail makes a hostess gift feel even more special!

Happy gifting!

Oftentimes, the biggest barrier to showing gratitude is simply figuring out what to do for someone. Thankfully, this easy hostess gift idea takes out all of the guesswork!

Drop it off on someone’s doorstep or send it off in the mail for an affordable rate. Happy gifting!

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