Gifts for the Foodie: 2023 Gift Guide

November 6, 2023

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We all have foodies in our lives. And whether you consider yourself one or not, gifting any of these food-related items will be a guaranteed hit.

All of these kitchen items are practical, solve a problem in the kitchen, and are high quality and long lasting. Find something for the foodies in your life at every price point!

Gifts for the Foodie

Foodie gift guide roundup
  • Graza Olive Oil: Did you know that most extra-virgin olive oil isn’t even made from 100% olives? Once you try Graza olive oil, you’ll always notice the difference! This super high-quality olive oil is bright green, potent, and slightly spicy. It makes all the difference and comes in a handy squirt bottle, too.
  • Smoothie Cups: My smoothie cups are a must-have for your friends and family who love meal prepping! Just toss in frozen fruit, spinach, ice, and other mix-ins. Then add it to the blender with milk and you’re ready to roll on a busy weekday morning.
  • Our Place Pan: There’s a reason the Our Place pan has taken social media by storm! It’s truly the perfect pan for every occasion and looks so beautiful sitting on the stovetop.
  • 5-Gallon Buckets: Got a family member who’s excited about food storage? If so, this is the perfect gift! Use them to securely store flour, sugar, dried beans, rice, and more.
  • Pebble Ice Machine: It’s scientifically proven that pebble ice makes every drink better. But there’s no need to make a Sonic run — give the give of endless pebble ice at home with this amazing machine. It’s a fraction of the price of competitors!
  • Cast Iron Skillet: Every kitchen needs a great cast iron skillet. This one has a nonstick, rust-free coating for easy cleanup and works great for steaks, chicken, fish, and more.
  • Magnetic Measuring Spoons: Never lose a measuring spoon again! This magnetic set is so handy and ensures you always have the right-sized measuring spoon around.
  • Meat Chopper: I use this meat chopper all the time when cooking hamburger or ground turkey. It’s an affordable, practical kitchen tool that makes a great stocking stuffer!
  • Silicone Baking Mats: If you know someone who loves to bake, give them a fresh set of silicone baking mats. This set of two is the perfect size and ensures even, nonstick baking.

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