5 Summer Printables

June 15, 2021

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summer printables

Today I’m sharing five summer printables to help you have fun and stay organized!

From calendars and to screen time rules, this bundle includes plenty of ways to beat the heat and summer boredom. I’m so excited to use them when my kids get out of school in a few weeks!

How to Purchase Your Summer Printables

I’ve listed each of these printables individually in the Home & Kind shop, including:

Pick and choose which ones you want for your family, or you save $5 by purchasing the whole summer bundle!

I grabbed a couple magnetic poster hangers from Amazon to hang the bucket list and calendars. You can find those HERE. I also have a couple of wooden pegs to hang things on, which you can find HERE.

Now let me take you through each printable:

summer bucket list

1. Summer Bucket List

After years of trying different variations of this idea, I’ve finally landed on a summer bucket list version that works best for us. I like to sit down with my kids at the beginning of the summer and brainstorm activities they want to do over the next few months. (Sometimes the things I think they love aren’t even on their radar.)

We love to use this as an idea list throughout the summer when we’re looking for something to do. I’ve left a few slots blank so you can add your own ideas, too. Bonus: It’s also a fun coloring page the whole family can work on together!

summer printable calendar

2. Oversized Summer Calendar

This oversized summer calendar is a fun way to plan out your summer schedule. I’ve also included sections at the bottom for a checklist, goals, and summer destinations. This system makes it easy to track everything in one place!

I printed this as a 24×36, but you can print it at any size you want. (Don’t worry—when you purchase this calendar, you’ll see my detailed instructions on exactly how and where to print it!)

3. Boredom Busters List

Earlier this month my kids were complaining about being bored. So I sat them down and had them help me brainstorm this list of boredom busters. You can thank my kids for almost every idea on the list!

We all know kids would pretty much never get bored of screen time. But since we choose to limit the screen in our house, I’ve filled this list with great screen-free ideas.

4. Summer Screen Time Rules

summer printables

If your kids are anything like mine, they will certainly be asking for screen time this summer. Instead of randomly saying yes or no to screen time, you can use this summer screen time rules printable to set clear boundaries. The kids will know exactly what needs to be done before using a screen!

Customize the list depending on how much time you want them to spend outside, how long they need to practice an instrument or skill, etc.

This would be a great printable to laminate and put on the fridge so your kids can check off their to-do list each day.

mom store printable

5. Mom Store Tickets + Sign

A “mom store” is a great way to reward or incentivize your kids throughout the summer. There are so many ways you can get creative with this idea!

I designed this mom store printable to be totally customizable to your family. It includes a sign, tickets, and blank certificates that you can fill in however you want.

Here are some ideas on how to use them:

  1. Use the mom store sign to create a box filled with dollar store trinkets, treats, or other inexpensive prizes.
  2. Give mom store tickets to your kids whenever you notice them doing something great. (Like being extra nice to a sibling, practicing an instrument, or doing chores without being asked.)
  3. Once they collect a few tickets they can redeem them at the mom store.
  4. You can price your mom store items however you’d like, but usually bigger items will cost more tickets.
  5. Don’t want to fill your mom store with cheap toys? Instead, let your kids redeem the mom store certificates for an ice cream date, movie night, or other fun experience.

There are really so many routes to take with this printable. You could even follow my sister’s lead and fill your mom store with items you need for an upcoming trip. (Think: googles, headphones, coloring books, etc.)

Enjoy Your Summer Printables!

So those are the five summer printables! I can’t wait to start using them with my kids—and to see the ways you use them in your homes this summer! Purchase your summer printables bundle today, and enjoy!

I like to hang out on Instagram and share more in-depth tutorials on everything I make, create, and organize.  Come be a part of our Home & Kind Instagram community.

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