2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Women

November 9, 2022

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Shopping for your mom, sister, and best friend should be fun, right? And even though it seems like the easiest job on your holiday to-do list, sometimes a little inspiration can’t hurt. Read on for our favorite gifts for all the ladies you know and love!

Journaling essentials gift guide roundup
Flecks of Gold journal

1. Flecks of Gold Journal $39

This 5-year journal is the perfect gift for all the young mothers in your life. Give them the gift of memories + gratitude for those happy, everyday moments. Use code HOMEANDKIND for 10% off!


2. Muji Pens $6.65

Once you try a Muji pen, you’ll never want to write with anything else! They’re SO smooth and have the perfect fine tip. Pair with a journal or sketch book for a creative gift.

Journaling highlighters

3. Highlighters $9.45

Muted, neutral tones are in — and now even your highlighters can be on-trend. These unique highlighters will have every woman wanting to do more reading, studying, and marking up of their favorite books.

Books gift guide roundup
Hygge book

1. Little Book of Hygge $12.87

We love the Danish concept of “hygge” — the cozy, indoor ambiance that’s only possible during the colder months! Learn the art of happiness during the winter season from this cute little book.

Checkered blanket

2. Cozy Blanket $44.99

Checkerboard patterns are totally having a moment, and we love seeing it used on this super soft and fluffy blanket!

Calm candle

3. Candle $10

This pretty candle is smells like lavender and sage — two calming scents that are known to help you wind down and feel relaxed. It’s the best candle to light for an evening bath or when cozying up with a book.

Cozy gift guide roundup
Bath pillow

1. Bath Pillow $26.98

Help the ladies in your life take their bath game to the next level with this bath pillow. It’s so comfortable, there’s no need to ever leave the tub!

Epsom salt

2. Epsom Salts $8.77

Pour epsom salts in a warm bath to help soothe sore muscles and foster relaxation. This kind smells amazing and is more affordable than Dr. Teal’s — but it’s equally great!

Bath bomb

3. Bath Bomb $4.99

Bath bombs aren’t just fun for kids! This sophisticated version releases soothing essential oils into the bath and smells like coconut and vanilla.

Hot drinks gift guide roundup

1. Kettle $49.99

An electric kettle is essential for any tea + hot cocoa lover. This would make such a cute gift basket when paired with your favorite hot drinks.


2. Insulated Mug $24.99

We all love our Stanley water bottles around here, but hot drinks call for something a little different. This insulated mug has the perfect lid for sipping and keeps drinks warm for ages. It looks great, too!


3. Milk Frother $15.99

A milk frother is a must when you want an A+ cup of hot cocoa, Perk Energy, or even when mixing protein powder.

Perk Energy

4. Perk Energy $12.95

A cup of Perk Energy is the BEST way to start the morning! It seriously tastes like a treat and is packed with good stuff to get you moving, enhance workouts, and more. Get 10% off using our link!

Hair gift guide roundup
Mane Magic hair spray

1. Eva NYC Mane Magic $12.99

This natural, cruelty free hair primer does AMAZING things for every mane! It strengthens, offers heat protection, detangles, reduces frizz and dry time, and so much more!

Dry shampoo

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo $11.48

Every girl needs a great dry shampoo in her arsenal. This brand soaks up grease like a champ and doesn’t leave hair looking dry + chalky.

Microfiber hair towel

3. Microfiber Hair Towel $44.88

Moms, sisters, and girlfriends all need to know the good word: this microfiber hair towel is amazing! It’s perfectly sized and soaks up moisture incredibly well.

Hair ties

4. Gimme Hair Ties $12

What girl isn’t always on the hunt for a hair tie? Gimme brand makes superior hair ties that stay in place and look a little more polished than the average version!

Hair ties

5. Gimme Hair Ties (Thick) $12

Know a girl with super thick hair? These hair ties are for her! They’re thicker and strong enough to keep hair in place without causing breakage.

Scalp massager

6. Silicone Scalp Massager $6.99

Not only does this scalp massager feel amazing — it helps reduce dandruff and promotes hair growth, too.

Wet brush

7. Wet Brush $10

Anyone who has tried the Wet Brush knows there’s no other brush like it! It’s the best for gently detangling and taming wild hair.

Interior design gift guide roundup
A Place to Call Home book

1. A Place to Call Home $47.95

Gil Schafer is the king of timeless interiors that look perfectly worn in. Give this book to your interior design-loving bestie and she’ll be in heaven!

This Is Home book

2. This is Home $37.99

This standby coffee table book is filled with so many inspiring images! It would be a great gift for a friend or sister who is decorating a new home.

Decorative wood knot

3. Wood Knot $18.99

Can you ever have too many decorative knick-knacks? This one would add texture, warmth, and layers to open shelving, a coffee table, or dresser.

Cooking gift guide roundup
Food scoops

1. Food Scoops + Recipes $32

The Home & Kind food scoops set offers every size food scoop you’ll ever need. Get inspiration for how to use them with the delicious recipes included in the set!

Kodiak cakes

2. Kodiak Cakes $5.99

Kodiak Cakes are a pantry staple! They can be used with our food scoops to make SO many baked goods, including muffins, waffles, pancakes, protein balls, and more.

Cooking gift guide roundup
Always pan

1. Our Place Pans $145

The Our Place pans took Instagram by storm over the past few years — and for good reason! If you could have only one pan, this is the one you need! Plus, it’s pretty and looks great sitting out on the stovetop.

Dish towels

2. Hand Towels $24.99

Pretty, absorbent hand towels are hard to come by, but these check both boxes! They’re the perfect gift to pair with other kitchenware items.

Cooking gift guide roundup

1. Blendtec Blender $449.95

NOTHING beats the Blendtec blender! Go in on this gift for your mom or drop hints to your husband that you need this professional-grade blender in your life. Use HOMEANDKIND20 for 20% off.

Smoothie cups

2. Smoothie Cups $22.99

Once you have the world’s best blender, you need great smoothie cups to go with it. The Home & Kind smoothie cups are designed for quick weekday food prep. Fill, freeze, then dump and blend!

Bread making gift guide roundup
Sourdough starter

1. Sourdough Starter $11.99

If you know an aspiring bread maker, this sourdough starter would be the perfect gift. It’ll save them the trouble of making their own starter, and help create loaves upon loaves of delicious bread.

Weck jars

2. Glass Jar $15.78

These Weck glass jars are so classic and versatile. They can be used to store food in the fridge or pantry, or for display on kitchen shelves.


3. Danish Dough Whisk + Metal Scraper $7.55

Maybe you’ve heard by now, but the Danish dough whisk is far superior to your standard whisk! It’s a must-have when making sourdough or any other type of bread!

Baking parchment sheets

4. Parchment Paper Sheets $20.99

The bread makers in your life are going to be using a lot of parchment paper. Help them stock up with these pre-cut, convenient sheets.

I like to hang out on Instagram and share more in-depth tutorials on everything I make, create, and organize. Come be a part of our Home & Kind Instagram community.

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