2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Parents/In-Laws

November 14, 2022

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If you feel like your parents have everything they want and need in life, you’re not alone. How do you give an adequate gift to the ones who gave you life? Fortunately, we’ve come up with tons of PRACTICAL gifts that any parent or in-law could appreciate. Read on for sentimental gifts, subscription gifts that keep giving all year long, and more.

Sentimental Gifts

Sentimental gift roundup

1. Storyworth Book $99

Storyworth is the coolest concept. You get to choose from a list of questions every week, then email it to your parents to inspire them to record their life story. All of their email replies will be captured by Storyworth, and the end result is a gorgeous personal history book!

Family tree art

2. Family Tree Prints $39.95

Family history doesn’t have to be dry! These family tree prints are a beautiful way to remember the ones who came before you. Every parent we know would LOVE this! Use code BRITTNEYHANKS for $5 off.

Digital frame

3. Digital Aura Frame $149

So you don’t take the time to print all your photos anymore — but you CAN let your parents and in-laws enjoy them with this digital picture frame. It has unlimited storage and lets you instantly add photos from anywhere!

Subscription Gifts

Subscription gift roundup

1. Audible $15

If your parents are book worms, they’ll love having access to Audible’s extensive library of audiobooks. They can listen while they work, cook, clean, workout, or drive!

2. Work and Wonder Magazine $18

This quarterly, faith-based magazine is jam-packed with inspiring stories about discipleship, family history, and other topics your parents will love. Each issue is so carefully curated and is truly an art masterpiece!

Date box subscription

3. Happily (Date Box) $39.99

This cute date box gives your parents a chance to connect in a unique way every month. It includes all the supplies needed for fun activities, games, conversation starters, recipes, Spotify playlists, and more.

Self-Care Gifts

Self-care gift roundup
Foot massager

1. Foot Massager $159.99

No parent would be mad about getting this foot massager as a gift! It gives such a great, deep-tissue massage that feels AMAZING. Pair this massager with other pedicure supplies for the ultimate self-care gift!

Neck massager

2. Neck and Back Massager $64.99

We love that this massager is so portable and versatile. It really can be used on any part of the body! It’s affordable and packs a surprisingly powerful punch. Your parents will soon have a new nightly routine they can’t go without.

Massage gun

3. Massage Gun $38.99

If your parents love to run or workout, they’ll definitely appreciate this massage gun. It targets specific muscles and makes recovery from a tough workout so much better. Plus, the price can’t be beat.

Bath caddy

3. Bath Caddy $34.99

This beautiful wood caddy has a place for everything needed during a relaxing evening bath. Use it to situate a tablet or book, glass, snacks, soaps, candle, towel, and more.

Travel Gifts

Adventure gift roundup
Airbnb gift card

1. Airbnb Gift Card $100

When you’re not sure what to give the parent who has it all, give them the gift of travel! This Airbnb gift card will ensure they make lasting memories and have a unique place to stay while they explore the world. This would be a great gift to go in on with siblings!

RTIC cooler bag

2. RTIC Cooler Bag $129.99

We LOVE this RTIC cooler bag. It’s the perfect size, keeps things cold forever, and can be used for so many occasions. Parents will use it to pack snacks for a road trip, food for an overnighter, a picnic, and more.

Home Gifts

Home products gift roundup

1. Home and Kind Yearly Calendar $42

This oversized, minimalist calendar is the perfect gift for busy parents and grandparents! The design makes an impact on a blank wall and the size allows for planning out each day down to the hour! Coming at the end of November.

Hand soap

2. Reusable Soap Dispensers $44

Glass reusable soap dispensers are both beautiful and eco-friendly! This coordinating set looks great by the kitchen sink, with a pretty label for hand soap and dish soap. Use code HOMEANDKIND for 15% off.

Roomba vacuum

3. Roomba Vacuum Cleaner $274

If your parents are like most people, they probably feel like they can never keep up on cleaning the floors. This Roomba vacuum is a miracle-worker and will give them the gift of saved time and a clean house!

Pura scent

4. Pura Smart Plugin Air Freshener $72

This is no Glade plug-in! Pura smart plugin air fresheners are made with clean ingredients, ethically sourced, smell incredible, and can be controlled from a mobile app. They’re an amazing way to make your parent’s home that much more inviting!

Gardening Gifts

Gardening gift roundup
Indoor gardening kit

1. Indoor Herb Garden $79.99

Whether your parents have a green thumb, aspire to have a green thumb, or love to cook, this indoor herb garden will be a hit gift! Who can argue with fresh herbs all year long?

Customized plant markers

2. Customized Plant Markers $16.99

These aesthetically-pleasing plant markers can be used in gardens large or small, or for labeling potted plants and herbs around the house. They’re much prettier than the tags plants come with!

Gardening gloves

3. Gardening Gloves $13.99

Every gardener could use a fresh pair of gardening gloves. These ones are durable, protective, comfortable, and come in a cute pattern.

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