2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Families

November 11, 2022

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Sometimes the best holiday gift is a family gift! These cute themed gift basket ideas are sure to be a hit with all ages. We’ve rounded up ideas inspired by family game night, movie night, picnics, outdoor outings, and more.

Family Game Night Gifts

Family game night gift roundup
Gnoming around game

1. Grandpa Beck’s Games $16.99

Grandpa Beck’s makes the BEST games the whole family will love. If you know a family who loves Cover Your Assets, they’ll also love Gnoming A Round, Skull King, and more. Use code HOMEANDKIND for 15% off + free shipping on orders over $35.


2. Popcorn $3.69

A giant bowl of popcorn is absolutely necessary for a great family game night! Include a box of microwave popcorn to set the family up for success.

Sour patch candies

3. Candy $1-$3

When you’re munching on popcorn, you of course need something sweet to go with it! Throw in a grab bag of candy favorites for a winning gift basket.

Family Outdoor Gifts

Family outdoor games gift roundup
Corn hole game

1. Corn Hole $69.99

A few rounds of backyard corn hole is the ultimate way to pass a sunny Sunday afternoon. Every family will love getting competitive with this well-priced set.

Kubb game

2. Kubb $49.99

Kubb is a lesser-known yard game that is definitely going to be a win with any family! It’s a fun tossing game of skill and precision that can be played anywhere!

3. Bocce Ball $39.99

Bocce ball is THE classic yard game that’s also great entertainment for camping, beach trips, and more. This classic set will bring decades of fun.


4. Spikeball $49.99

If you haven’t played Spikeball yet, you’re missing out! It’s like a mini volleyball/foursquare game that is bound to bring out the competitive and playful side.

Croquet set

5. Croquet $59.99

Who doesn’t love a leisurely game of croquet? This is another classic game that will stand the test of time and can be played with a wide range of ages.

Family Movie Night Gifts

Family movie night gift roundup

1. Candy $1-$3

Movie night calls for a giant box of the best candies. Milk Duds are a favorite around here!

Popcorn maker

2. Popcorn Maker $35.99

There’s something about a popcorn maker that absolutely delights kids! They will get a huge kick out of seeing it quickly fill up a giant bowl. It tastes better than microwave popcorn, too!

Movie list

3. Family Favorite Movie List

Figuring out what to watch on family movie night is half the battle. Make it easier by gifting this ultimate family movie list, complete with 50 classics! (It’s free for download on my site!)

Family Conversation Starter Gifts

Family conversation gift roundup
Table topics

1. Table Topics $16.99

These Table Topics are geared specifically toward families. The questions bridge the age gaps from little ones to adults, starting great conversations at any time!

Modern manners book

2. 52 Modern Manners for Teens $20.69

Despite the name, this book is for ALL ages! Kids and adults can learn so much from this list of modern etiquette. It’s bound to start some good discussions! 52 Modern Manners for Teens 2 is great too!

Snack tray

3. Snack Tray $13.99

There’s nothing like a tasty snack tray to get kids and teens talking. This is the perfect pairing for a gift that will keep on giving.

Family Picnic Gifts

Family picnic gift roundup
Picnic blanket

1. Portable Picnic Blanket $49.99

This portable picnic blanket is better than any you’ve ever tried. It’s water-resistant, oversized, rolls up super compact, and has the cutest pattern.

Insulated picnic basket

2. Insulated Picnic Basket $25.99

When it comes to family picnics, we’re all about the food! This insulated picnic basket is easy to transport and ensures all the goods stay cold + fresh.

Root beer

3. Root Beer $3.49

It’s true — root beer tastes better in a glass bottle! Kids will love popping open their own root beer. It’s a great way to make a simple outing feel more special.

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